TFNet invited to participate in Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Leadership and Study Tour Program in Malaysia

One of the objectives of the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock is to increase sustainable production of high value and staple crops in Afghanistan for income generation, food security and export. Efforts are in progress to tackle constraints along the value chain from production to market and consumers, with emphasis on research and […]

Workshop on increasing the income of tropical fruit smallholders held in Bangladesh

Participants of the Workshop   International Tropical Fruits Network (TFNet),  the Seed Wing of Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh and Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh,  jointly organized a Workshop on Increasing Income Of Tropical Fruit Among  Smallholders Through Quality Improvement, Post Harvest Management And Processing at the Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh on 11-12th February 2012.   […]

World Current Market Situation and Outlook: Bananas and Tropical Fruits

Total banana import and export and tropical fruit trade Bananas and other tropical fruits have grown to be essential commodities in the international market. Developing countries value these fruits both for nutritional content and commercial viability, as they are relatively cheap yet excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. Banana is one of the 5 most […]

US authorizes fresh rambutan imports from Vietnam, Malaysia, and Puerto Rico

The United States of America Department of Agriculture has authorized the importation of fresh rambutan fruit from Vietnam, Malaysia, and Puerto Rico as traditional Latin American suppliers can no longer meet the increasing demand. Based on pest risk analysis, the US Department of Agriculture found that fresh rambutan from the three countries meet technical standards […]

Workshop on enhancing tropical fruit markets held in China

Important guests during the opening ceremony Guangzhou, China: TFNet Chief Executive Officer Yacob Ahmad presented a paper in a workshop on Increasing competitiveness and market access for tropical and subtropical fruit through quality assurance in China last 17 December 2011. Yacob was invited to discuss Enhancing market access through quality management and Good Agricultural Practice […]

Rambutan: Rising Fruit of the East

Once grown solely for domestic consumption in Southeast Asia, Rambutan is increasingly gaining popularity in western markets. While the demand was initially driven by the growing number of Asian residents in Europe and America, its unusual appearance and sweetness has gained it a niche as an exotic fruit worthy of a global audience. Recent studies […]

Postharvest Handling of Rambutan

A major constraint in rambutan export is the rapid deterioration of fruit quality and visual appearance. The fruit is high in water content and is prone to desiccation, resulting to an unappealing shriveled form.  They are also susceptible to pathological breakdown from bacteria and fungi, characterized by dry hairs or spinterns.   Several postharvest measures […]

Leadership Seminar and Study Tour Program held in Malaysia for Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (MAIL)

Organizers and participants from MAIL   It is a useful experience to learn from countries with successful agricultural and socioeconomic programs. Hence, a 15-member delegation lead by the Deputy Minister for Agricultural Affairs (MAIL), Islamic Republic of Afghanistan participated in Leadership Seminar and Study Tour organized by the Institute of International Education (IIE) under the […]

Philippine scientists develop seedless rambutan using gibberellic acid

Sample of seedless rambutan, seed coat still present. Image from masalykitchen. One of the ways to achieve food security is by improving our crops. Aside from developing disease-resistant plants with higher yields, agronomists also increase the edible portion of produce. While the sweet and succulent rambutan flesh has improved in thickness over the past decades, […]

Thai company introduces “Bio-Dynamic Freeze Drying”

Bio-dynamic freeze drying is a new technique that can minimize loss of natural phytochemicals present in horticultural crops during processing. The technique utilizes a natural process called sublimation, where matter is converted from solid to gas without going through the liquid phase.   The Thai Freeze Dry Co. LTD. in Thailand has succeeded in producing […]