USA: Nicaraguan dragonfruit appeals to shoppers on a budget

Frank Huezo has been in the dragonfruit business for less than a year, but the Nicaraguan producer already has big plans to transform the U.S. market. Based in La Concepcion, the 75-acre farm, El Socorro, came to Huezo serendipitously this past April, just as the U.S. opened its borders to the Nicaraguan fruit for the first […]

KENYA: Thorny Melon, the Answer to Africa’s Nutritional Problems?

Dorothy Luvai’s desire for growing thorny melon began in 2008 due to desperation for an income generating crop. “I come from an agricultural zone; I wanted to farm something different from the usual maize crop that is grown in Kitale. After doing some research, with the help of the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute and the […]

COLOMBIA: Pineapple could have the greatest growth in the agricultural sector

The Hortifrutícola Association of Colombia and the National Development Fund Hortifrutícola organized the first Latin American Congress of pineapple, which took place in Villavicencio. In this space unveiled the latest product in production, harvest, postharvest, marketing and logistics. The event was attended by 200 people, including national and international experts in the field. Similarly attended Alvaro Palacio […]

FRANCE: Lychees back on the shelf

The lychee season has started. Almost a month earlier than expected. After a brief relapse the fruit is now increasingly found on shelves. At the moment, the lychee is sold for 10 to 15 Euro per kilo. The drought has created a sweet fruit. A long dry spell is also the cause of its small […]

PHILIPPINES: New variety increases jackfruit production

A new jackfruit variety promoted by the Bureau of Agricultural Research has raised production of the tropical fruit in a fifth-class town in Leyte province. BAR said a P1.28-million project, promoting the use of EVIARC Sweet, the sweetest known jackfruit variety, increased the yield of farmers in Mahaplag, Leyte by 82 percent. The variety was […]

PHILIPPINES: Typhoon wreaks havoc on agriculture with over a million farmers affected

Over one million farmers in the Philippines have been impacted by Typhoon Haiyan according to the UN. The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) says that hundreds of thousands of hectares of rice have been destroyed. Coconut plantations which are a big earner of foreign currency were said to be “completely flattened”. Fishing communities have also […]

UAE: Dubai vegetable and fruit trade reaches AED 6.4B in first half of 2013

Dubai has bolstered its good standing in the fruit and vegetable trade by fostering growth in the international trade of these items. According to statistics issued by Dubai Customs, the emirate’s trade in these foodstuffs amounted to about AED 6.4bn in the first half of 2013, compared to AED 5.4bn in the first half of […]

AUSTRALIA: Banana disease spreads further

The fungal disease Banana Freckle has spread to two more locations in the Northern Territory, according to the Department of Primary Industry. Two new eradication zones have been declared around properties in Humpty Doo and Acacia Hills, south of Darwin. Chief plant health manager Stephen West says all banana plants within a one-kilometre radius of […]

USA: Researchers acquit guava of spreading deadly fungus

ULLMAN, Wash. – No more pitting guava against eucalyptus when it comes to explaining how a poorly understood fungal disease spreads. That is the conclusion reported by an international team of scientists in the journal Molecular Ecology. The team used a common forensic technique to clear guava’s good name. In reaching its conclusion, the team […]

CUBA: Agriculture Reports Growth in Fruit Harvests

Havana, Nov 10 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban agriculture is currently focusing its efforts in the fruit production, either for the basic food or for other demands of interest, as it is the case of the tourist sector, say experts. The Cuban central-northern province of Ciego the Avila is an example of the good results in […]

USA: Citrus growers seek earliest detection for greening disease

A Texas company, Applied Nanotech Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: APNT) of Austin, has been given a $400,000 contract by the California Citrus Research Board to come up with new technology that will focus on early detection of HLB disease and other pathogens in citrus trees. HLB, the moniker for Huanglongbing disease or “citrus greening,” kills any […]

NEPAL: Fruit prices up on low supply

KATHMANDU, Nov 11: Fruit prices have increased by as much as Rs 15 per kg in the wholesale market thanks to drop in supplies due to transportation strike enforced by the 33-pary alliance. According to traders at the Kuleshwar-based fruits wholesale market, fruits like apple, banana, orange, papaya, sweet orange and water melon among others […]