AUSTRALIA: New Zealand fruit fly presence causes alarm

New Zealand’s fresh produce industry is on high biosecurity alert, following the discovery of a singular male Queensland fruit fly in the country’s north island. The fly was collected from a surveillance trap set in a residential street in Whangarei on Tuesday.   The find has sparked a large-scale reaction from New Zealand quarantine officials, […]

BRAZIL: Guava production bounces back after pest control

Guava plants in Ceará are beginning improve after a serious psyllid fly infestation. Despite having abundant water from irrigation, lack of rain has left plants vulnerable late last year. The insect multiplied rapidly and destroyed the young leaves, which prevented the growth of the fruits.    To combat the plague, a combination of chemical and organic products were […]

MEXICO: Gov’t amends measures to protect bananas from moko disease

To protect the banana-producing areas in Mexico, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) amended the phytosanitary measures to combat moko disease and prevent further dissemination. The amendments were published as the Official Mexican Standard NOM-068-PHYTO-2000 on the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF), which are open to stakeholders for public consultation.   […]

CHILE: PMA Fruittrade Latin America set for November

The inaugural Produce Marketing Association Fruittrade Latin America international convention and exposition is set for Santiago on Nov. 12-13, organized by the Produce Marketing Association, Fedefruta, Chile’s Fruit Growers Federation and the Yentzen Group.   “This new collaboration is part of PMA’s strategy to help the industry build consumer connections by linking members to the […]

MEXICO: Asian markets ripen for Mexican avocados

Leading Mexican avocado exporter Mission Produce is crediting Maersk Line’s latest controlled atmosphere (CA) system with extending the shelf life of its offering in Asian markets.   Ideally, Mission avocados arrive in the Far East with a shelf life of around 10 days. The company’s sales export manager Roberto Rodriguez said this can only be […]

INDIA: Israeli technology increases guava yield

The cultivation of guava in and around the city has seen a multifold increase with the introduction of an Israeli technique of orchard farming.   District horticulture officer Pankaj Kumar Shukla spoke about the pilot project which has been successfully implemented in Maharashtra. It was introduced in some of the villages of Allahabad district in […]

INDIA: Halting papaya pest saved over $300M

New York, Jan 23 (IANS): A natural pest-control plan from US-based Virginia Tech that halted the papaya mealybug – that created havoc in southern India causing mold and stunted growth of several crops – has saved up to $309 million in the first year itself.   For a relatively modest cost of $200,000 during the […]

THAILAND: Fruit prices likely to increase during Chinese New Year

An inspection in Trang’s fresh markets has indicated that fruit may see an increase in prices during the upcoming Chinese New Year.   Fruit vendors at the fresh market in Trang province have been providing a wide selection of various types of fruit to cater to the needs of consumers, especially with the Chinese New […]

COLUMBIA: Regional govt slates US$6M for avocado development

Colombia’s regional department governments have autonomy to spend natural resource royalties as they please, whether it be on schools, highways or building houses, but the government of Antioquia has decided to invest in something quite different – avocados.   Antioquia Avocado Corporation (CORPOAGUACATE) executive director Juan Camilo Ruiz told the department government has slated COP10 billion […]

MEXICO: Researchers develop a new way to detect ringspot virus

As one of the leading papaya growers in the world, the prevalence of papaya ringspot virus is a constant concern. The virus leaves ring-shaped marks on the skin of the fruit, causes the flesh and skin to soften, and leaves it vulnerable to fungal growth.   More than 80% of the fruits are exported to […]

INDIA: Pineapple farmers seek better deal

As the government has finalised the plan to take over the Agro Processing Factory at Nadukkara near Vazhakkulam by raising its stake to 51 per cent, pineapple farmers demand that they also be given a better deal by enhancing the procurement price from the current Rs 12 a kg to Rs 16 a kg. The […]

PHILIPPINES: Singapore Exchange OKs Del Monte Pacific plan to buy Del Monte-US

MANILA, Philippines — Food conglomerate Del Monte Pacific Ltd. has obtained approval in-principle from Singapore Exchange Ltd. to pursue the acquisition of the consumer food business of privately held American corporation Del Monte Foods.   In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Thursday, DMPL said the approval-in-principle granted by the SGX-ST was subject […]