Bioactive compounds of several major tropical and subtropical fruits in China

China is native to economically important tropical and subtropical fruits such as litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) and longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour.). The country is also home to various citrus varieties and currently has numerous citrus germplasm resources.   Litchi and Longan   With numerous developments in Chinese agriculture, the litchi and longan industries have grown […]

BRAZIL: Scientists developing automobile parts out of fruit fibers

What would you think if you heard that aluminum and steel components of cars can be replaced with fibers made from fruits such as banana, pineapple or coconut?   Probably, it sounds illogical but it is possible. Brazil is preparing to revolutionize the automotive component material, integrating fruit fibers that apparently seem more fragile, but […]

INDONESIA: Salak chips penetrate the US market

The Sleman Salak Growers Association Primasembada has received orders for salak chips up to 1 ton per month to the US.   Farmers are asked to comply with a number of requirements such as proper labelling of nutrient content information, kosher and halal certifications, food safety, and good agriculture practice certification. Farmers have completed most […]

USA: Black sapote piques interest in local sale

Nothing about the black sapote is as you might think. To start with, it’s not black and it’s not a sapote. Nor does it taste anything like its common nickname: chocolate pudding fruit.   None of which deters fruit evangelist Madeline Bohannon’s zeal for the tropical exotic, which will be “one of the stars” of […]

MALAYSIA: Government plans to increase fruit exports to China

Malaysia plans to bring more local fruits such as durian and papaya into China due to its high demand in the country, said Agriculture and Agro-Based Industries Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Saabri Yaacob.   He said his ministry was expected to hold negotiations with the related authorities for Malaysia to bring more fresh local fruits […]

ECUADOR: 2013 banana exports lower than 2011

In 2013, Ecuador exported 253 million banana crates, 5 million more than in 2012, which is a moderate increase compared to figures from 2011, when 285 million crates were exported.   Eduardo Ledesma, Executive Director of the Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador (AEBE for its Spanish acronym) ensures that the country exports 5.1 million […]

CANARY ISLANDS: Strong winds damage 1,230 hectares of banana

Wind gusts of more than 100 kph heavily damaged more than 1,230 hectares of banana in the Canary Islands on Jan 23-24. To a lesser extent, tropical crops such as pineapple, avocado, and citrus have been damaged.   Northeasten winds continuously battered the archipelago, causing heavy damage in the west islands of La Palma, La […]

MEXICO: Hass avocado production increases 200-fold in 15 years

After entering the U.S. market, from which it was banned for 87 years due to plant health problems, Mexico’s Hass avocado production has increased by almost 200 fold in the past fifteen years. In 1997, when Mexico was able to export to the U.S., there were 21 municipalities in Michoacan with 93,000 hectares of cultivated […]

NIGERIA: Moderate Consumption Of Banana Reduces The Risk Of Kidney Cancer– Nutritionist

Mrs Lynda Zakari, a nutritionist, says moderate consumption of bananas can protect against cancer of the kidney, diabetes, osteoporosis and blindness.   Zakari told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Wednesday that banana, which also combats depression, makes one smarter, cures hangovers and relieves morning sickness.   The online Journal, The World Healthiest […]

INDIA: Papaya cultivation, a saving grace for farmers

Farmers in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore district are reaping rich returns from papaya cultivation.   “At a time when water has become a scarce resource in this belt, the returns from the papaya farm has been a saving grace for me,” says PS Baladhandayuthapani of PSB Farms. The farm is located at Chinnakuilai in Coimbatore district. […]

UGANDA: Kaduru earns millions from passion fruits

Vision Group, in partnership with dfcu Bank, the Netherlands Embassy in Uganda and KLM Airlines, is searching for Uganda’s best farmers. Every Tuesday in Harvest Money, we shall profile nominated farmers until September, when a panel of judges shall select Uganda’s best farmers. Sh150m and a fully sponsored trip to the Netherlands await the best […]

NEW ZEALAND: Avocado export expected to reach 16,500 tons this season

The avocado industry is approaching the end of its export season and it has been a good one, with strong demand and a better supply compared with last year.   Industry body New Zealand Avocados is forecasting three million trays of export fruit this season, each weighing bout 5.5kg, with another 1.5 million trays going […]