FIJI: Test facility boosts export

Research conducted by the Fiji Papaya Project has resulted in the development of a hot water treatment process that has achieved notable results in reducing diseases on export papaya fruit. The hot water treatment complements the High Temperature Forced Air Treatment (HFTA) that is currently being used.   The tests, conducted at Nadi-based export crop […]

Superfruits: Marketing Gimmick or Science-Based?

The term “superfruit” refers to fruits that are purported to have exceptional nutritional benefits. Popular examples include pomegranate, mangosteen, acai berry, blackberry, blueberry, and cranberry.   Being classified as food, instead of pharmaceuticals, entrepreneurs can freely market superfruit products without the need for rigorous clinical trials. The lack of standardized double-blinded trials leaves the medical […]

Supply and Demand Trends in the Global Superfruit Market

Health and wellness drive the global product development in the superfood industry. A wide spectrum of issues, from obesity to undernutrition, leads the demand for healthier foods. Certain consumer groups are also open to new kinds of indulgence, instigating the race to develop new exotic flavors and authentic regional products.   Due to its inherent […]

PHILIPPINES: USDA to allow import of Philippine bananas

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is moving to allow the importation of fresh bananas from the Philippines into Guam, Hawaii, and the Northern Mariana Islands.   In a statement on its web site on January 28, the USDA said it is “proposing to amend the regulations concerning the importation of fruits and vegetables” to allow […]

PHOTOS: Processed jackfruit products in India

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