MALAYSIA: Pineapple board targets USD 30.5M in exports this year

The Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board (LPNM) aims to export RM100 million (USD 30.5 million) of the fruit this year compared with RM86.3 million (USD 26.3 million) in 2013.   Director General Sahdan Salim said the target is based on the MD2 pineapple variant that will enter the Japanese market next month.   “The Japanese visited […]

INDIA: Tech turns pineapple into powder

In a move that could benefit thousands of pineapple growers in the hilly regions of the North-East, the Imphal-headquartered Central Agricultural University has developed a technology to convert and process the fruit into value-added powder.   Pineapple is a major horticultural crop in the north-eastern region, but growers have been facing marketing challenges due to […]

INDIA: From jackfruit cast-offs to value-added products

The spiky hard exterior enclosing a sweet core is not only a summer hot favourite, but its many parts that are thrown away without a second glance can make for delicious dishes. Rural women from villages around Auroville are all set to cash in on the jackfruit for small business that involve processing and packaging […]

TANZANIA: 7000 banana stems destroyed to prevent spread of disease

Bukoba — OVER 7,000 banana stems have been destroyed in Kyerwa District in the ongoing operation aimed to combat Banana Xanthomonas Wilt (BXW).   Kyerwa District Executive Director, Mr George Mkindo said a special committee had been formed to make spot inspection in all villages, adding that a farmer who was found to have neglected […]

VIDEO: The terrifying truth about bananas

Hank Green of The Sci Show talks about the Panama Disease that wiped out Gros Michel bananas and the steps taken to protect the current popular Cavendish variety.   Source: The Sci Show

TFNet participates in the International Workshop on ‘Reduction of Postharvest Losses in Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chains’

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA: Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP) and Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute (HARTI) jointly organized an international workshop on ‘Reduction of Postharvest losses in Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chains’ on 17-20 March 2014.     The workshop was officially opened by Honourable Minister of Agriculture […]

USA: Avocado threatened by climate change and beetles

Climate change and Ambrosia beetles might be ruining guacamole.   The beetles have caused an avocado shortage in the southeastern United States because they burrow into trees, infect them with laurel-wilt disease and kill them. The shortage has resulted in an increase in avocado prices.   Climate change has also contributed to the shortage — […]

Saudi Arabia officials visit fruit development programmes in Malaysia

International Tropical Fruits Network (TFNet) jointly collaborated with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to organize a study tour of the tropical fruit development programmes in Malaysia on 1-12 March 2014.   Participants of the study tour were 9 officials from National Agriculture and Animal […]

AUSTRALIA: Researchers work to solve mango resin canal disorder

A research program has been launched to try and get to the bottom of a mystery disorder which has been wrecking mangoes in Australia’s north.   Known as resin canal disorder (RCD), it effects mangoes as they ripen, and although they’re still fine to eat, it causes a number of aesthetic problems for the fruit. […]

PHILIPPINES: Professor produces wine from tropical fruits

A university professor in Kabacan, North Cotabato developed a wide selection of wines from exotic fruits grown locally in Mindanao.   Dr. Luz A. Taposok, a wine master and a professor of the College of Agriculture of University Southern Mindanao (USM), set up CT South Tropics after she discovered the great potentials of the local […]

INDIA: Fruits prices shoot up in summer

Prices of grapes, watermelon and pomegranate have shot up in the last few days and are likely to rise further.   Unseasonal rain in early March have damaged crops across the state, resulting in a drop in supply. Coconuts too have become dearer. Three straight droughts in other areas have resulted in low yield and […]

SOUTH AFRICA: Avocado exports to Europe underway

South African avocados are on the verge of exports to the European market with the first shipments due to arrive by the end of March, according to South African Subtropical Growers’ Association (Subtrop) CEO Derek Donkin.   “The South African export crop forecast is 58,000MT. Although this will be South Africa’s largest export crop to […]