RWANDA: Pineapples find ready buyers

“Before, pineapples had a very low market and the prices were very low forcing farmers to stop growing them, but with the current market and an increase in price from the Rwf50 to between Rwf100 and Rwf150, this has encouraged many farmers to start growing the crop,” said T’ames Toclesse Munyankindi, a pineapple farmer in […]

MALAYSIA: 60% drop in local fruit production sees prices go up

It is literally a less fruitful year for Malaysians with a 60% drop in local fruit production brought about by the recent dry spell.   Fruits have also become costlier with price rises of between 50 sen (0.15 USD) and 60 sen (0.18 USD) a kilo for many varieties.   The situation is not likely to […]

THAILAND: Durian wilts in prolonged summer heat

The intense and prolonged summer heat has ruined a large swathe of durian plantations in Uttaradit and robbed the durian growers of their flavorsome fruit.   Durian trees in Uttaradit reportedly either didn’t bear fruit, bore fruit that cannot be eaten, or bore fruit that was spoilt. Some durian trees are also dying, as their […]

World Bank and UN push the potential of jackfruit as food staple

It’s big and bumpy with a gooey interior and a powerful smell of decay, but it could help keep millions of people from hunger.   Researchers say the jackfruit – a large ungainly fruit grown across southern and southeast Asia – could substitute for wheat, corn and other staple crops under threat from climate change. […]

AUSTRALIA: Citrus industry plans to boost exports to Thailand

The citrus industry says Australian fruit farmers could provide a year-round fresh fruit bowl to Thailand.   CEO of Citrus Australia, Judith Damiani, says the resumption of summer fruit and cherry exports to Thailand complements a new effort to sell more citrus to the country.   After a three-year ban, Australia can once again send […]