USA: The ‘super’ banana that fights for truth, justice and healthy levels of vitamin A

In half of the world’s countries, vitamin A deficiency is a scourge that leaves disease and death in its wake.   Every year, it inflicts between 250,000 and 500,000 helpless and malnourished young people with early-life blindness. And in half of those cases, it also brings death, according to the World Health Organization. Vitamin A […]

NEW ZEALAND: Avocado programme up and running

The first fresh fruit programme to get Primary Growth Partnership funding from the Government is now up and running with the goal of tripling avocado industry productivity in 10 years.   The big vision for the New Zealand Avocados Go Global programme is to triple productivity to 12 tonnes a hectare and quadruple avocado industry […]

AUSTRALIA: Chance of avocado glut, as bumper crop forecast

Australia will produce its largest avocado crop this year, with a forecast 65,000 tonnes to be harvested.   Avocados Australia chief executive officer John Tyas says the local industry has been growing steadily for a number of years.   “Western Australia, in particular, is a fairly new part of the industry that’s really come online […]

JAPAN: Cube watermelon shipments begin

Farmers in western Japan have started shipping square-shaped watermelons to locations across Japan and overseas.     A farmer in Kagawa prefecture, southwestern Japan, produced the product about 30 years ago.   The square-shaped watermelons are to be used as display ornaments.   On Wednesday, farmers in Zentsuuji city prepared about 250 cubic watermelons for […]

MALAYSIA: Hot weather pushes watermelon price up 40%

The dry weather is driving the prices of watermelon up by at least 40%.   What used to cost about RM1.10 (USD 0.34) per kg for a grade A (the highest grade) watermelon, now costs between RM1.30 (USD 0.40) and RM1.40 (USD 0.44).   Despite the increase in the price, consumers are more than willing […]

ECUADOR: New unreported papaya disease identified

Ecuadorian scientist Diego Quito Ávila has identified a new virus in papaya plantations that had not yet been reported internationally, through the process of plant virology. As part of the Prometheus Project (Proyecto Prometeo in Spanish), a government initiative, he has been working closely with commercial growers to determine how this new virus affects production. […]

PHILIPPINES: Festival celebrates sweet pineapple industry

Heaps of the last of ripe Formosa pineapples—the rejects of the season—sat waiting for buyers on farmer Winnie Palero’s yard at the Gawad Kalinga community as it rained gently in this provincial capital for the first time this month.   Like a picturesque depiction of growing up on a farm, Palero’s children ran around the […]

PAKISTAN: EU may ban import of local mangoes due to infestation

Discovery of fruit fly infested mangoes in one of the shipment from Pakistan in the United Kingdom (UK) has threatened import of Pakistani mangoes to the European Union this year. Concerned authorities in Pakistan had made bold claims that all the necessary measures have been taken to ensure quality control of the Pakistani mangoes in […]

AUSTRALIA: Kimberley mango flowering looks positive

Mango trees in the Ord Valley in the Western Australian Kimberley, are beginning to flower and farmers in the region are hopeful of a good season.   Last year was the worst season on record for some growers, but it’s expected this year will make up for those poor yields.   The flowering on the […]

PAKISTAN: Experts concerned over declining mango orchards

Mango experts, farmers, academia and researchers showed a great concern over the fast decreasing mango orchards in Sindh.   Speaking at a two-day “Conceptual Workshop on Pre- and Post-Harvest Management Interventions”, growers said they are facing field problems, like lack of orchard management practices, water shortage and attack of fruit fly on the king of […]

TFNet co-organizes mango and potential tropical fruits workshop in Saudi Arabia

A sub-regional workshop for the GCC States and Yemen on ‘New Technologies for the sustainability of Mango Production and the Potential Tropical Fruits in the Dry Areas of the Arabian Peninsula’ was held in Jazan/Algunfudah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 3 – 5 June 2014. The workshop was organised under the Technical Cooperation Programme between […]

Rose apple: crunchy and refreshing tropical fruit

The name rose apple may refer to any of the following fruits in the Syzygium species, such as Syzygium aqueum, S. jambos, S. malaccense, and S. samarangense. Like other fruits named “apple”, the rose apple does not resemble the apple fruit.  “Rose apple” might be derived from the fruit’s taste: rose water with a hint […]