PAKISTAN: Banana growers shifting to other crops

The climate change is compelling the growers of banana in Sindh to switch to other crops, observed researchers.   “We are facing extreme weather, like the severity of the previous winter, which destroyed banana gardens and growers were replacing the crop in many areas,” Prof Qazi Suleman Memon, who is a well-known researcher on the […]

THAILAND: Lychee fairs planned in several provinces to absorb production surplus

Mr. Yukol Limlaemthong, acting Deputy Prime Minister and Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister has laid down plans to deal with the surplus of lychee as about 60,000 tons of the produce is expected to flood the market.   The minister said that this year Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phayao and Nan Provinces, the main lychee production […]

CAMBODIA: Longans longing for storage

The amount of land used to grow longans has doubled in the past two years, but a lack of supply-chain infrastructure is hampering farmers’ ability to get top dollar for their product, the fruit’s body says.   Sreng Sreang, deputy director of the Pailin Longan Farmers’ Community (PLFC), said the fruit growers are in desperate […]

INDIA: Jackfruit cultivation on dry, wet lands could boost incomes of farmers

In order to supplement farmers’ incomes and generate revenue during crises such as floods or drought, experts suggested the planting of jackfruit trees and rainwater harvesting at the two-day international symposium titled ‘Jackfruit and Breadfruit in the Tropics: Genetic Diversity, Marketing, Value Addition and Marketing’.   The meet, which commenced on Thursday, was organised by […]

EU: Demand high, laws tightening for organic market

Organic fresh fruits and vegetables are no longer a niche category in Europe as the market progresses quickly and more products are added to the offer, presenting year-round opportunities for suppliers.   According to local distributors, European retailers are focusing increasingly on their organics offerings in direct response to consumer demand for produce that is […]

STUDY: Jackfruit Contains Anti-ageing Flavonoids, Rich in Nutrients

Jackfruits are rich in nutrients and can be used to make a variety of delicacies, say experts.   In spite of its huge production, its utilisation as food is less than 40 per cent and the rest goes waste, which amounts to approximately `2,000 crore per annum. Jackfruit must be popularised both as a fruit […]

CHINA: Taiwan unveils new variety of guava

Taiwan has unveiled a newly developed guava strain that has better quality during summer time, a local breeder said Monday.   The Kaohsiung 2, nicknamed Crispy Pearl, has a stable edible part of 45% all year round, higher than the common Pearl guava at an average 43%, said Chu Yu-chun, an assistant researcher at the […]

INDIA: farmers eye gains thru mangosteen cultivation

Increasing demand, following reports of health benefits and good prices they fetch, has encouraged several farmers in Kerala to take up mangosteen cultivation.   A number of growers in Pathanamthitta, Thrissur, Ernakulam and Kottayam districts, have planted the saplings of the ‘Queen of the fruit.’   Gestation period   Joshua Daniel, a planter and trader […]

CHINA: Buying durian online can be costly

Durian lovers in China can order the King of Fruits via Taobao, the Chinese version of eBay, Kwong Wah Yit Poh reported.   However, it will be an expensive affair if they wish to shop for the fruit online, as the sellers are charging between 160 yuan (about USD 26) and 272 yuan (about USD 44) for […]

USA: On The Trail Of Durian, Southeast Asia’s ‘Crème Brûlée On A Tree’

What if a single taste of one fruit — in this case, the durian — changed the course of your entire life?   That’s what happened to Lindsay Gasik and Rob Culclasure, a young couple who visited an Asian grocery store in Eugene, Ore., in 2009 in search of the football-sized fruit with thick, spiky […]

PHILIPPINES: National council for dragon fruit organized

Leading the way toward the establishment of more dragon fruit plantations and processing centers in the country, the Philippine Dragon Fruit Growers and Processors National Council was organized recently to make its presence felt in the export market.   Led by its president, multi-awarded farmer scientist and woman entrepreneur Edita Aguinaldo-Dacuycuy of Refmad Farms, the […]

COLOMBIA: Scientists enhance yellow dragonfruit regeneration

Researchers from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UN) in Palmira have discovered a quick and easy method to enhance yellow dragonfruit crops, with regeneration through organogenesis.   A UN release highlighted that out of around 1,600 species of cactuses, some 35 of them – including dragonfruit – had strong potential as crops. In general, the […]