THAILAND: Fruit producers speed up harvesting their produce

Orchard farmers in Chanthaburi have been speeding up the harvest to sell their fruit during this time of higher prices.   Fruit growers in the Chanthaburi Klong Narai Subdistrict are harvesting their high quality fruits namely mangosteen, rambutan, durian and longgong, and selling it mostly to wholesalers. The prices for this year’s fruit remain at […]

VIETNAM: Dragon fruit exports to New Zealand

Vietnam became the first country to export dragon fruits to New Zealand after the two countries signed a program on May 28 to set out procedures to ensure biosecurity and health requirements of the fruit.   The Official Assurance Program was signed in Hanoi between New Zealand Ambassador to Vietnam Haike Manning and Nguyen Xuan […]

NEW ZEALAND: Avocados Achieve Record Sales For 2013-14 Season

New Zealand’s avocado industry today announced it has more than doubled its sales from last season to $136m, setting new records in both export and New Zealand markets.   This stunning return eclipses the previous sales record of $84.1m set in 2009-10 and is far in excess of the $60.4m worth of avocados sold last […]

INDIA: Delhiites face health scare as authorities fail to enforce laws banning use of carcinogen to ripen mangoes

Think twice before savouring the mangoes currently being sold in markets across New Delhi.   If consumed, these mangoes, many of which are ripened artificially with harmful chemicals, can affect the neurological system and result in headache, dizziness, sleep disorder and other mental problems.   For the past few weeks, markets are full of mangoes […]

USA: Watermelon gardening in times of drought

The one thing my dad refused to plant in the garden, despite my youthful demands, was watermelon. Unlike zucchini or cucumbers, other members of the Cucurbitaceae family, melon vines are lengthy, searching things, reaching tendrils out into each and every available nook and corner around them. That, and the promise of harvesting numerous twenty-pound-plus melons […]

INDIA: Managing ring spot virus in papaya

Ring spot virus (PRSV) is the most destructive disease of papaya in India. PRSV is spread (transmitted) among papaya plants by mechanical activities like pruning, as it is transmitted through the sap.   Numerous aphid species like Myzus persicae, Aphis craccivora, and Aphis gossypii spread this infestation. Seed transmission has not been detected.   Fruit […]

CHINA: Netizens gobble up watermelon micro blog

A government agency that uses a micro blog to help farmers sell watermelons has become an Internet sensation.   The Office for Watermelon Sales Service in Zhengzhou, Henan province, opened its micro blog on Sina Weibo, the most popular micro-blogging platform in China, on May 28. It is arguably the only government agency in China […]

FIJI: Local organic papaya to hit NZ market soon

A young group of pawpaw farmers in Sabeto will soon reap the reward of their hard work in four months to come.   The Sabeto Organic Papaya Producers Association was established in June last year as a pilot commercial program specifically heading into organic papaya production. The group consists of 20 youths including 7 female […]

EU: Indian mango ban to counter pests

Indian Alphonso mangos, with their buttery texture and sweet taste, are the most sought-after variety. But an EU import ban will make for a less sweet summer – for European mango consumers, and Indian exporters.   India’s scorching summer heat with temperatures soaring to 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) offers few pleasures. The most […]