UGANDA: Country goes bananas

A new banana value addition factory recently launched by President Museveni in Bushenyi, in Western Uganda, is set to provide a ready market for over 400 farmers.   Sources say their economic status will substantially improve. Uganda is one of the top five biggest banana producers in the world.   The Ush68 billion (about $25 […]

USA: I.S.S. in U-Turn Backs Chiquita’s Deal for Banana Producer Fyffes

Chiquita Brands International‘s plan to acquire Fyffes of Ireland for $526 million hit a snag last month, when a leading proxy advisory service recommended shareholders vote against the deal.   Now the same group, Institutional Shareholder Services, has changed its tune, voicing its support for a merger of the two big banana producers. On Monday, […]

BRAZIL: Papaya exports much stronger than 2013

While Brazilian papaya exports have so far this season been relatively strong, shippers are hoping to significantly increase volumes as the fruit quality gradually improves.   A recent report from São Paulo University’s Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (CEPEA) said in September month-on-month exports significantly increased, largely because of higher fruit availability.   […]

UK: Mauritian lychee wine arrives

Distributor Green Island Rum is introducing a new fruit wine from Mauritius to the UK market – Divine tropical lychee wine 12%abv.   To make the wine, fresh lychees are peeled and stoned before being pressed. Yeast is added to the extracted juice and after a two to three week fermentation process, plus three weeks […]

INDIA: Dry weather forces farmers to cut down mango trees

by Vishwa Kundapura   Mango yield in the State is likely to witness a drop as cultivators are felling trees that are withering owing to scanty rain and humidity.   All the five taluks in Kolar district have been declared drought-hit and mangoes are among the major crops affected by the situation that has been prevailing […]

FIJI: Hot water treatment for red papayas

by Akosita Talei   The papaya industry has been having problems with rot found in red papayas meant for exports.   Nadi-based agribusiness, Nature’s Way Cooperative says the disease occurs mainly during the wet season from November to April.   Research Extension Manager Kyle Stice says they’ve been exploring some options to control the rot.   […]

VIETNAM: Unfair competition, absence of standardized products hurt Vietnam fruit in strict markets

Vietnam’s fruit exports to the U.S., South Korea, and Japan remain modest due to a lack of standardized products, plus unhealthy competition among local firms, even though many Vietnamese-grown tropical fruits have been allowed to enter these strict markets, statistics have shown.   Since 2008, the U.S., Japan, South Korea, Chile, Taiwan and New Zealand […]

COSTA RICA: Lawmaker calls for moratorium on pineapple plantations; new tax on exports

Frente Amplio (FA) lawmaker, Edgardo Araya, along with several groups representing communities that claim to have suffered from environmental and other damage due to pineapple production, have presented a draft decree that would put a moratorium on the expansion of monoculture pineapple plantations for the next five years.   Araya said that such plantations have […]

AUSTRALIA: Northern Territory angry over order to kill every banana tree

Territorians have reacted angrily to a national directive requiring all banana trees in every backyard and farm across much of the Top End to immediately be destroyed.   All locally grown bananas will disappear from Darwin until 2017, under a disease eradication plan to rid Australia of the recently detected banana freckle fungal disease, found […]

INDIA: Banana growers reel under pest attack

by Ganesh Prabhu and Mohit M. Rao   Banana plantations in many places in the district have been affected by the pest ‘Erionota torus’, also known as Banana Red-Eyed Skipper, Banana Leaf Roller or Banana Skipper, leaving farmers in distress.   The pest is a chocolate-brown butterfly belonging to the family Hesperiidae. Its larvae cut the […]

USA: Keeping avocados from turning brown: We put 5 popular methods to the test to see which works best

by Grant Butler   Avocados make wonderful additions to sandwiches and salads, and the world would be a less-happy place without guacamole. But sometimes you only need half an avocado for a recipe, and the remaining half can begin to discolor and turn an unappetizing shade of brown quickly.   There are lots of popular approaches […]

COSTA RICA: 150 producers develop seven new products from Rambutan

Juices, jams, puree, dried flesh, roasted seeds, dried fruit with seed, and shell flour as an antioxidant will be new processed products from Rambutan that will be produced by farmers in the southern region of Costa Rica. As explained by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), processing will benefit about 150 farmers and their families […]