AUSTRALIA: Exploratory varieties breathe new fire in dragonfruit crop

by Marty McCarthy   The dragonfruit crop in south east Queensland is starting to flower, and when the fruit emerges it’s sure to catch your eye.   The fruit’s bright pink and green exterior looks like the scales you’d expect to see on a dragon.     The flesh inside is juicy white or red, dotted […]

PHILIPPINES: Soursop, a ‘miracle fruit’?

Every now and then, patients with all sorts of imaginable medical problems ask me if commercially prepared guyabano (soursop fruit) products can help cure them.   Usually promoted through direct marketing, guyabano extracts in capsules, juices and tea preparations are claimed to have protective effects from all sorts of cancers. One product brochure that a […]

Research Needs to Align with Commercial Practice: Alternative Concept for Market Access Protocol

The main challenges in developing tropical fruit for the export market are to ensure availability throughout most of the year for seasonal fruits, and to produce quality products that are in compliance to market access protocols of the importing countries.     As the consumer demand for horticultural products increases and there is an expectation […]

Strategy for Combating Fusarium Wilt in Bananas through Conventional Breeding, GMOs and Cultivation Techniques

Currently banana is grown on an area of 300,000 ha in China, with Guangdong province topping the list with about 120,000 ha. China’s banana industry is built on the Cavendish variety which, occupies more than 90% of planted area. The Giant Cavendish clone ‘Baxi’ is the most popular variety, occupying more than 70% of Cavendish […]