CHILE: Irrigation mitigates effects of drought in avocados

This year, Chile’s avocado production was already expected to be lower than last season’s, but the effects of drought have made things worse, leading to a gradual reduction in the acreage. Juan Enrique Lazo, general manager of the Hass Avocado Committee of Chile, states that “the initial estimate of 150,000 tonnes (compared to 230,000 last […]

AZERBAIJAN: Be creative and enjoy delicious feijoa!

By Aynur Jafarova   If you have a problem with iodine shortage in your body, suffer from the blood pressure gastritis deceases and depraved metabolism, don’t hurry to take medicine. Try to treat yourself in a natural way, by flora-fruits and vegetables. The simple way-include a feijoa to your daily diet!   The green egg-shaped […]

CAMBODIA: Australians helping local mango industry and learning plenty about pests

by Matt Bran, ABC Rural   In the shade of a mango plantation, an hour’s drive south of Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh, a group of Australian researchers are busy checking trees.   The team includes researchers from the New South Wales and Northern Territory Department of Primary Industries, and they’ve spent the last 18 months […]

VIETNAM: First longan consignment to the US shipped

by Luisa Cheshire, Fruitnet   Vietnamese exotics supplier Anh Duong Sao made fresh produce history this month by shipping Vietnam’s first consignment of fresh longan by air to the US, the company said. The fruit, which left Vietnam on 8 December, was USDA-Aphis certified, said Anh Duong Sao representative Tu Phan.   Leading market analysts […]

VIETNAM: Farmers rush to plant exotic mini watermelons

by Tien Phong, Vietnamnet   Scientists have voiced their concern about the risks in the current movement to plant mini watermelons.   Tiny watermelon seeds brought to Vietnam recently have been selling very well because the plant variety is a favorite in urban areas. Scientists said the Pepquino mini melon is sourced from the US. […]

CHILE: Avocado exports could drop by half this season

Chile’s avocado export volumes could take a tumble this season, as factors including attractive domestic prices and serious production issues conspire to alter market dynamics.   A representative of major producer Cabilfrut said the ongoing drought was at the center of why the country may well only ship half the amount of fruit it did […]

COSTA RICA: Canadians’ growing taste for papaya creates optimism

By Eugenio Quesada, Amelia Rueda. Translation by Inside Costa Rica   A total of 37 producers in the canton of Parrita have managed to export 47 containers of papaya to Canada this year, compared to just three containers in 2013 – a trend that is supporting farmers and creating jobs in one of Costa Rica’s poorest […]

USA: Tropical fruits brighten winter menu

by Mary-Jo Sawyer, Richmond Times   When I walk into the produce section at this time of year, I still tend to look for familiar fruits and check to see if clementines have shown up yet. Then I marvel at all the fruits that remind me more of tropical vacation destinations than the cold December weather […]

AUSTRALIA: Northern Territory mango harvest wrapping up as Queensland takes the baton

by Matt Brann, ABC Rural   The mango harvest ‘baton’ is being passed from the Northern Territory to Queensland.   About 120,000 trays are expected to be trucked out of the Katherine region this week, which will just about wrap up the NT’s mango season.   “The baton really does get passed over now to Burdekin/Bowen […]

SAINT LUCIA: Banana industry rebounds

  St Lucia exported 5 000 tonnes of bananas to the United Kingdom so far this year as the island battles to deal with the dreaded Black Sigatoka disease that had destroyed a number of farms.   The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Production and Fisheries said that the record export was also significant, given that […]

USA: Avocado prices to rise

Guacamole lovers prepare…the price of avocados is headed up. With 95-percent of avocados grown in the U.S. coming from California farms, the recent drought has taken a serious toll on the industry. It takes 70 gallons of water to grow just a pound of the green nuggets. With water in short supply farmers are losing […]

BANGLADESH: Vegetable cultivation inside mango orchards appears profitable

Delwar who is a post graduate first adopted the profession nine years ago when the locals thought that mango farming would not be much profitable.   Md Delwar Hossain, a successful mango farmer of Sakhipur upazila here, has recently been trying to cultivate different vegetables in the blank spaces in his mango orchard in a […]