Slides for presentations delivered on The International Symposium on “Developing research to enhance market demand and profitability of tropical fruits” held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 14 August 2014

1.  Research needs to align with commercial practice – Alternative concept for mango market access protocol Bob C. Williams Director of Plant Industries, Darwin, Australia 2. Research and development in addressing the challenges in market expansion of Malaysian fruits Zabedah Mahmood Research Officer, Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute, Malaysia 3. A challenge of technology adoption for […]

Minimal processing grants Malaysian tropical fruits access to various markets

Minimal processing of fruits is becoming popular due to the increasing consumer preference for ready-to-eat convenient foods, the proliferation of supermarkets and expanding middle class.     The process involves peeling or dehusking, cutting and packaging the fruit in a hygienic setting before it is stored or distributed in a cold chain environment. This process […]

THAILAND: Pomelo farming in Nakhon Si Thammarat suffers from floods

Pomelo farming in Nakhon Si Thammarat is facing a bleak future as heavy rains and inundation intensifies.   Local media reported that continuous rainfalls in the province have led to persistent inundation, causing damage to a large area of farmland and diminishing agricultural produce, particularly that of the famous Tubtim Siam pomelo.   The pomelo […]

DOMINICA: Reaching out for banana aid

by Carl Collen, Fruitnet   Dominica’s agriculture minister Johnson Drigo has revealed that the country is looking overseas for help in its battle against the deadly Black Sigatoka banana disease.   The country is set to import Black Sigatoka-resistant plants from the French Caribbean to aid farmers, the Caribbean Journal reported.   “As we speak, […]

USA: Cherimoyas, aka Ice Cream Fruit

by Gillian Ferguson, Los Angeles Magazine   If there were a contest for the weirdest fruit at the farmers’ market, cherimoyas would take home the gold. The name alone is a hurdle, and then there’s the fruit itself. The skin is at once bright and murky, like an old lime-green Seahawks jersey after a particularly muddy […]

AUSTRALIA: Northern Territory rambutan harvest off to a late but juicy start

by Matt Brann, Rural   It’s been a long wait for rambutan fans, but the harvest has finally started in the Northern Territory.   Kerry Eupene grows the tropical fruit in Darwin’s rural area and said it was great to finally be in the orchards picking.     “It’s the latest we’ve ever come in, […]

INDIA: Mango exports may jump up to 50 percent next fiscal year

India’s mango exports are expected to rise by 40-50 per cent next fiscal following lifting of ban on import by the European Union, Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh said.   “The lifting of ban by the European Union will boost mango exports. The country’s overall exports are expected to increase by 40-50 per cent next fiscal,” Singh told PTI.   The EU […]

MEXICO: In the face of imminent arrival of avocado plague, scientist undertake preventive measures

From Asia, the red ambrosia beetle (Xyleborus glabratus) has proved its damaging potential in Florida, where it attacked different varieties of trees of the laurel family, including avocado, resulting in death.   Because of the territorial proximity, Mexico has taken actions for the detection and subsequent biological control of the insect, a task in which […]

FIJI: Switching to pineapple farming proves to be a sweet venture

by Josaia Ralago, Fiji Times   Pineapple farming has proven to be a viable venture for Macuata farmer Mohammed Janif.   Mr Janif shared his thoughts on the matter just before a prayer session at the nearby mosque in Qelewaqa, Labasa. Mr Janif, who has his farm in Tadravula, Seaqaqa, said he now resided in Bocalevu, […]

NEW ZEALAND: More Mango weevil cases come to light

The Ministry of Primary Industries has confirmed that more cases of foreign insect pests in imported mangoes since a 10-year-old girl’s discovery came to light.   Hannah Trow and her mum were shocked last week to find what is believed to be a seed weevil living in a mango they bought from a store in […]

MEXICO: Acid rain damages mango crops

As a result of acid rain fallen in late December in the Mexican state of Guerrero, 30% of the region’s mango production, the country’s largest producer, was damaged and will have to be sold in local markets of Acapulco, Chilpancingo or Zihuatanejo.   Producers in the area known as “Region of Sanluises”, which covers the […]

PHILIPPINES: Local mangoes declared pest-free

by Anna Leah G. Estrada, Manila Standard Today   The government on Friday declared Philippine mango free from mango seed weevil, a development that can open more export markets for the country’s top fruit commodity.   The mango pulp weevil, or Sternochetus mangiferae, causes black or grayish scales on the fruit that affect its quality and […]