PHILIPPINES: Dry spell hits around 5% of banana production

A Philippine banana industry leader says climate change is taking its toll on farmers this year, with production expectations somewhat eroded by the lack of rain in the Southeast Asian country.   The Philippine banana industry will likely see a drop in production this year due to an unusual that could persist for the rest […]

CHINA: Hainan mango growers look to new markets

Every April, mangoes from the Chinese island province of Hainan hit the shelves in major cities across the country. With this year’s season fast approaching, an overall scarcity of the popular tropical fruit, and market opportunities in Russia, Japan and South Korea.   With years of experience in the mango industry, Ledong Sunny Farm Co […]

INDIA: Gov’t working to sequence mango genome

by Nikita Mehta, Livemint   India is working on sequencing the genome of the country’s beloved summer fruit, the mango.   A number of government institutions are involved in the genome sequencing of several crops including fruits and vegetables, minister of state for science & technology and earth sciences Y.S. Chowdhary informed the Lok Sabha […]

STUDY: Canines, drones battle deadly avocado fungus

by Joann C. Adkins,   In just a few weeks, redbay ambrosia beetles will be on the move in Florida, a major concern for the state’s multimillion dollar avocado industry. Florida International University (FIU) researchers believe a combination of drones and dogs could be game-changers in the fight to stop a deadly fungus spread […]

STUDY: Cultivated papaya owes a lot to the ancient Maya

A genetic study of papaya sex chromosomes reveals that the hermaphrodite version of the plant, which is of most use to growers, arose as a result of human selection, most likely by the ancient Maya some 4,000 years ago.   The study, reported in the journal Genome Research, homes in on a region of papaya’s male sex chromosome that, […]

AUSTRALIA: Task force created to combat Fusarium Wilt in bananas

by Alyson Horn, ABC   A new taskforce and extra staff will work to contain the threat of an outbreak of Panama disease in Queensland’s far north. A farm at Tully was quarantined earlier this monthand tests confirmed on the weekend the existence of Panama disease tropical race 4. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Cabinet had signed off on […]

AUSTRALIA: Fruit exporters say technical barriers to trade in Asia costs billions of dollars

by Sarina Locke, ABC   Horticultural exporters say they’re being locked out of billions of dollars of trade in Asia and the Pacific export markets.   Australia’s domestic fruit and vegetable market is oversupplied, and there is a growing list of Asian countries that have stopped importing because of pests and diseases.   Michelle Christoe […]

UK: Pomelo is the hot new citrus in town

by Xanthe Clay, The Telegraph   Citrus is the hero fruit of the winter months. February and March have precious little to offer that is home grown, bar rhubarb and the last of the stored apples. But while they might not be local, I refuse to feel guilty about loading my (reusable, naturally) shopping bag […]

COLOMBIA: Link discovered between guava smell and weevil pest

Researchers from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNC) have discovered a link between the pheromones of the guava weevil and the smell of the fruit, paving the way for a new alternative method of pest control.   The insect, also know as Conotrachelus psidii Marshall, was shown to be influenced by the aroma given off from […]

INDONESIA: Planning to export fresh fruits to New Zealand

Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi and her New Zealander counterpart Murray McCully have agreed to enhance the two countries’ relationship in many sectors including agriculture, trade, investment and defence.   The agreements were reached when the two concluded the 7th Indonesia-New Zealand Joint Ministerial Commission (JMC) in Auckland on Tuesday.   In the agriculture sector, […]

MALAYSIA: MARDI works to protect diversity of fruit crops

by Lim Chia Ling, The Star Online   Visit any night market, fruit shop or supermarket and chances are you will find very few varieties of bananas being sold. For a crop that has been cultivated since ancient times in Malaysia (reputedly its place of origin), the lack of choice is surprising. A myriad of […]

PAKISTAN: Gearing up for mango exports

With the mango season only a few months away, Pakistan is working towards maximising its exports to the European market, aiming to increase the number by more than 40% over the previous year.   A senior official at the Ministry of National Food Security and Research said arrangements have been made to meet the target. […]