AUSTRALIA: Study Says Humans Didn’t Cause Global Banana Virus Spread

by Jaja Agpalo, Food World News   An Australian study revealed that Indian subcontinent is a major hub of the long-distance Banana bunchy top disease (BBTD) movements.   Dr. Arvind Varsani from the University of Canterbury led this study about the evolution and distribution of a major banana disease virus, with funding from the Masrden […]

UGANDA: Mukono gets disease-free banana tissues

A total of 15,000 disease free scientifically multiplied banana tissues provided under the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) have been procured for supply to Mukono farmers.   OWC is a presidential poverty reduction initiative set up to replace the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS), overseen the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF).   This is the second […]

HONG KONG: Durian and loofah samples detected with pesticide residue exceeding legal limit

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department announced today (September 18) that two durian samples and a loofah sample were detected with pesticide residues at levels exceeding the legal limit. The CFS is following up on the cases.   A spokesman said, “Subsequent to the detection of excessive pesticide […]

PERU: A plague affects 70% of the citrus in Puno

by Kleber Sanchez, La Republica   Nearly 70% of the citrus production, including oranges and mandarins, in the district of San Juan del Oro province of Sandia were significantly affected by the fruit fly plague, stated Jose Orlando Jara Cabrera, mayor of this municipality.     Farmers used to produce between 50 and 80 thousand […]

INDIA: It’s a slippery season for banana farmers

by Karthik Madhavan, The Hindu   Banana farmer M. Thangaraj of Sirumugai was joyous. He was ready to harvest the bananas in a few days. But the squall of September 4 changed all that. “It lasted only a few minutes and came at a time when the buyer was in my farm,” he says.   […]

MALAYSIA: Local fruits popular in Norway

Exotic fruits from Malaysia are becoming popular in Norway because of their good quality, according to the Malaysian Agricultural Representative Office at The Hague.   Its agriculture attache, Ahmadul Mokhtar Mohd Hayani said there was encouraging response for fruits, such starfruit, mangosteen, rambutan, papaya, cempedak (artocarpus integer) and dragon fruit, as well as fruit chip […]

TANZANIA: Mango coop plans packing facility

by Dorcas Tinga, Busiweek, India   The Association of Mango Growers (AMAGRO) last week announced plans for a packaging facility to cost almost $700,000.   “The construction of the packing house is an initiative by AMAGRO to facilitate the export not only of mangoes, but also other fruits such as pineapples and oranges that are […]

MALAYSIA: Frozen ‘D24’ and ‘Musang King’ durians from Terengganu now available in China

The ‘D24’ and ‘Musang King’ durians from Hulu Terengganu, Setiu and Besut are chosen by the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) to be exported abroad as frozen durian.     Terengganu FAMA director Hasan Jusoh said frozen durian had great potential and highly demanded especially in China because it was considered a premium product among […]

INDIA: Passion for fruits runs deep in Nelliyampathy

by K.A. Shaji, The Hindu   When it was established way back in 1943 by the Maharaja of erstwhile Cochin, the Government Orange and Vegetable Farm here aimed at supplementing fruit and vegetable supplies for the injured soldiers of World War II.     The oranges grown in the hills those days were famous for […]

BANGLADESH: Pabna experiences profuse production of guava

Guava, a tasty summer fruit is now abundantly available in the markets due to an abundant production in Pabna.   According to the agriculturists, Pabna is one of the best guava growing areas in Bangladesh for its favourable climate, soil and temperature.   A source of Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) at Pabna said that […]

PHOTOS: Processed jackfruit products

by Shree Padre   1. Pathanamthitta CARD KVK has standardized a dozen technologies for value addition of jackfruits. Out of this 3 are very important – Dehydration of Tender Jack Fruit, Unripe Jackfruit & Seed. These are called primary processing methods. Once JF is primary processed, it can be straightaway used for culinary preparations or […]

INDIA: New technique to double mango yields

Two corporate firms have joined hands to help mango farmers in the South increase yields. Over 25,000 farmers on Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka will get mentorship from Project Unnati in going for Ultra High Density Mango Plantation (UHDP). The UHDP technique can increase mango yields by two folds.   Jain Irrigation Systems (JISL) […]