TFNet CEO visits Fiji’s Tropical Fruit Industries

TFNet CEO Dr. Mohd Desa Haji Hassim visited fruit production areas and markets in Fiji on 22-23 August 2015, including the Legalega Research Station in Nadi and the Sigatoka Research Station in Sigatoka.   The visit aimed to observe the activities and technologies in tropical fruit production, learn about the research directions in Fiji fruit […]

PAKISTAN: PAD advises farmers to sow lychee in Sep-Oct

Agriculture experts have advised the farmers to complete the plantation of lychee saplings in their orchards in September and October.   The tasty fruit of lychee is grown on 295 hectares in Punjab and delivers 1,811 tonnes of production per annum at the rate of 50-80 kilogram (kg) production per plant, said a press release […]

PHILIPPINES: Durian faces threat from climate change, new crops

by Judy Quiros, Philippine Daily Inquirer   Climate change and a shift in preferred crops are threatening to reduce the supply of durian and lead to a shortage in supply of the world-famous pungent fruit in Southern Mindanao, a region known for durian production.   Candelario Miculob, head of the Durian Industry Council of Davao […]

AUSTRALIA: Banana industry thanks the Northern Territory for its efforts to eradicate Banana Freckle Disease

by Matt Brann, ABC Rural   The chief executive of the Australian Banana Growers’ Council (ABGC) is in Darwin to see the ongoing Banana Freckle eradication program, and says the wider industry is grateful for the work being done.     Since the fungal disease was first found in 2013, thousands of banana plants have […]

MALAYSIA: Formula to get rid of black spots in papaya developed

by Azman Zakaria,   Papaya, banana and mango planters often face the problem of post-harvest diseases – ringspot or Anthracnose – where black spots on the fruits will grow bigger, causing the fruits to turn bad.   Ringspots which are triggered by virus attacks –Colletotrichum gloeosporioides – will reduce up to 80 per cent […]

GHANA: Opinion divided over pineapple exports

by Maclean Kwofi, Graphic Online   Pineapple exporters and the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) are sharply divided over factors that have accounted for the decline in foreign exchange derived from exporting fresh pineapples.     The exporters have maintain that the slump in exports is due to the unavailability of financial support for cultivation, […]

AUSTRALIA: World ready to eat more mangoes with demand on the rise

by Matt Brann, ABC Rural   Delegates attending this week’s 11th International Mango Symposium have been told the global demand for mangoes is on the rise.     Addressing the symposium in Darwin, Dr Victor Galan-Sauco from the International Society for Horticultural Science, said prospects for more mango plantings were good, and the industry was […]

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Tropical storm leaves behind a destroyed banana crop

by Visnja Malesic, Bio Tropic   The tropical storm “Erika” which swept across the Caribbean at the end of August destroyed about 40% of the Dominican banana crop. The banana trees, shallow-rooted by nature, and heavily-laden with fruit, hardly had a chance against the strong winds. The Dominican Republic is regarded as the largest exporter […]

CHINA: Entry of Costa Rican pineapples approved

by L. Arias, Tico Times   Government officials from Costa Rica and China signed the required sanitary protocols Tuesday for allowing the entry of Costa Rican pineapples, tuna and crayfish into the Asian market.   Officials’ signatures were the only pending requirement for the inclusion of these products within the provisions of a free trade […]

INDIA: Micro Labs launches pill made from papaya leaf extract to treat dengue

by U Tejonmayam, Times of India   Micro Labs Limited, a Bengaluru-based pharmaceutical company, on Wednesday launched Caripill, made from carica papaya leaf extracts, to help increase platelet count in patients suffering from dengue.   Approved by the scientific and regulatory authority, the pilldoes not have any side-effects. While the conventional treatment involves platelet transfusion, a Caripill of 1100mg […]

CHINA: Malaysia hopes to export dragon fruit

by Luisa Cheshire, Fruitnet   A Malaysian delegation has visited Qingdao in Shandong province to talk about exporting Malaysian dragon fruit to the Chinese market.   Chong Sin Woon, one of the Malaysian delegates, said that with a population of over 100m, Shandong province is an attractive export market.   Malaysia is working together with […]

USA: 3D printing could help save avocado, other trees

By Iqbal Pittalwala, UC Riverside University of California, Riverside scientists are using 3-D printing technology to study a beetle that is causing severe damage to avocado and landscape trees in Southern California.   The beetle in question is the polyphagous shot hole borer, an ambrosia beetle that originated in Southeast Asia. It has a symbiotic […]