BRAZIL: five banana varieties

by Kelly den Herder, Fresh Plaza   The Fava group is Brazil’s largest distributor of bananas at domestic level. With 43 ripening rooms and a volume of 950 tonnes per week, it supplies the largest supermarket chains in the country. “We have bananas all year round, because Brazil is a very large tropical country and bananas […]

INDIA: Nagpur sends first banana exports to Iran

On Friday 12 February, a Nagpur-based company, Merchandise Venture Private Limited, exported a sample container of bananas to Iran. The company states that it is the first ever shipment of this fruit grown in Vidarbha to a foreign destination.   Dharmendra Sharma the company’s CEO said this was the sample container, based on which an […]

COLOMBIA: Heat causes sharp drop in banana production

by Fresh Plaza,   The banana production in Uraba, intended for export to the U.S. and Europe, will fall by at least five million cases in the first half of the year.   This warning was raised by Juan Camilo Restrepo, president of the Association of Banana Growers of Colombia, who urged the national Government […]

INDIA: Red bananas rule fruit market in Tamilnadu

by M P Saravanan, News Today Net     Right from the days of former Chief Minister-writer C N Annadurai, sevvazhai (red bananas) have been out of reach for the common public. Refer his story by the same name Sevvazhai, where a farm coolie raises a red banana plant in his house and how it goes […]

WORLD: How To Grow Tropical Fruits — Even In Cold Climates

by Jenifer Jost, Off The Grid News   If you have south-facing windows and extra space inside, growing tropical fruits in pots is a viable option for diversifying your food sources, even during the winter.   While some varieties have been developed to withstand winter outdoors as far north as zone six, most will require the […]

FRUIT NET: Mixed February Florida citrus forecast

by Carl Collen, Fruitnet   The February forecast for this season’s Florida citrus crop remained steady for oranges and dipped slightly for grapefruit, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).   The report estimates a 69m-box season for Florida oranges, a number consistent with predictions over each of […]

WORLD AVOCADO ORGANISATION: Becomes first global entity for avocados

by Matthew Jones, Fruitnet   Aselection of the world’s leading avocado producing nations has moved to form the first global entity for the offering, known as the World Avocado Organisation (WAO).   The new body will promote the consumption of avocados across Europe, Asia and other parts of the world through collectively self-funded marketing programmes.   […]

NEW ZEALAND: Avocado exports down 40 per cent

by Gabrielle Easter, Fruitnet   Avocados are in short supply in New Zealand following last year’s bumper crop and a cold spring that have seen export volumes drop by 40 per cent.   The smaller volume of avocados has seen prices jump on the domestic market, though despite the increase in price, avocados are reportedly still […]

AUSTRALIA: Chinchilla watermelon growers finally picking and sending fruit to market after horror season

by Arlie Felton-Taylor, ABC Rural   Growers on the western Darling Downs are finally picking and sending watermelons to market after a horrific season.   Late last year multiple hail storms wrecked a significant number of crops, with some growers facing a total wipeout in some paddocks around Chinchilla.   Grower Ian Beard said he was finally […]

AUSTRALIA: Pomelo harvest underway in time for Chinese New Year

by Matt Brann, ABC Rural     The Northern Territory’s pomelo harvest has started just in time for the Chinese New Year.   The massive fruit, known as the king of citrus, is often used as a centrepiece decoration during the lunar new year festivities.   Pomelo grower Han Shiong Siah said it was crucial for […]

JAPAN: Bananas lead Japan’s fruit imports

by Gabrielle Easter, Fruitnet   Japan’s Ministry of Finance has released official import statistics for  2015, with bananas, pineapples and grapefruit leading fruit imports in terms of volume, while bananas, kiwifruit and avocados led in terms of value.   While the total volume of fruit imported dropped slightly from 1.596m tonnes in 2014 to 1.566m tonnes […]

AUSTRALIA: Avocado industry hits back at claims of price manipulation

by Clint Jasper and Carmen Brown, ABC Rural   As the price of avocados climbs higher, the peak industry body has described claims that Western Australian growers are to blame for the high prices as “ludicrous”. A former chief executive of Avocados Australia, Antony Allen, told the Sydney Morning Herald that WA growers put extra […]