CHINA: “No alternative to bananas from Philippines”

by Anouk Sijmonsma, Fresh Plaza   “The price of import bananas has been steadily going up in these last weeks. Currently, prices are as high as RMB110.00 (USD 17.01) per carton at the port of Dalian, coming from RMB60.00 (USD 9.28) per carton three months ago. Prices are increasing because both domestic banana production and supply from the […]

UGANDA: goes bananas for the M-9 variety

  Just over five years ago the National Agricultural Research Laboratories (NARL) Kawanda released the M-9 banana variety; since then it has seen an unprecedented rate of adoption, due to its popularity among farmers and consumers. M-9 or Kabana 6H, is resistant to Black Sigatoka (BS) disease and tolerant to nematodes and weevils.   Dr. Jerome […]

INFO: Newly listed mango sold at higher price

  Every March, a large volume of mangos swarm to the market, and they can be seen everywhere on the fruit stands. The main mango varieties include Little Taiwan Mango, Big Gold Mango etc, and the most popular one, also the cheapest one is little Taiwan Mango, which is sold at the price of 20 […]

ECUADOR: Ecuadorian banana producers surprised by high demand

by Joel Pitarch Diago, Fresh Plaza     The impact of the weather phenomenon El Niño and the market growth of Central American countries led to uncertainty in Ecuador’s banana sector, but “to the surprise of the export market, the situation has been much better than expected and the demand for Ecuadorian bananas gave an unexpected […]

CAMEROON: Slight decrease in banana exports in January

  According to ASSOBACAM, exportations of dessert bananas from Cameroon have plummeted by 341 tons in January 2016, compared to the same period the year before (when they reached 26,366 tons).   The decrease is expected to continue throughout the year as the Cameroon Development Cooperation (CDC), one of the 3 biggest local exporters, has […]

MEXICO: Rains and cold may affect Colima’s plantain

  According to the forecast of the National Weather Service, it might rain in Colima this week; something that the leader of the National Peasant Confederation (CNC) in Colima, Jorge Armando Gaytan Sanchez, deems could affect plantain producers the most.   “Hopefully it won’t rain so the flowers set well. The rains would affect plantain […]

AUSTRALIA: Tully Valley banana farm tests positive for Panama again

  Almost one year to the day since Panama disease Tropical Race 4 was first detected at the Tully Valley farm, the farm has again tested positive for the fourth time.   About 12ha of banana plants on Mr Bevan Robson’s 160ha Dingo Pocket property have been destroyed and fenced off in a bid to contain the […]

ZAMBIA: Farmers Shun Pineapple Growing

by Kennedy, All Africa   MWINILUNGA in North-Western Province risks losing its status as the main pineapple-producing district in Zambia because many growers are now shunning the growing of the fruit due to lack of market. The farmers are now opting to grow maize which has a readily available market.   Mwinilunga has long been held […]

MALAYSIA: Malaysia brings tropical touch to Scandinavia

by Matthew Jones, Fruitnet   Malaysian-grown tropical fruits are taking centre stage at retail stores across Scandinavia for the second straight year, according to the New Straits Times.   The Asian nation’s Agriculture Representative Office in The Hague (PPP The Hague), Netherlands, has extended it marketing activity in the Northern European region, which will see products such as […]

SPAIN: “Good demand outside of Europe drives up price of Spanish citrus”

  Faraway destinations are becoming increasingly important for Spanish citrus. This is the experience of Gert Bouman of the Spanish private producer Frutaria. “At the moment there is a good demand from outside of Europe for hand oranges and this is pushing up the price considerably. We are currently making prices in China that can’t […]

UK: citrus market buoyant at the moment

by Nichola Watson, Fresh Plaza   The citrus market in the UK is surprisingly buoyant at the moment, according to Maja Jerkovic from Jacana Produce. “Egyptian Navels are finished and the Valencias are coming in. Quality is very good this year, a big difference to last year when there were a lot of issues. The Egyptian […]

AUSTRALIA: West Australian banana growers bounce back

  Growers in Carnarvon, West Australia, have been making a steady recovery after a severe cyclone, dubbed Cyclone Olwyn, destroyed their plantations back in March 2015. Local bananas will again be available on supermarket shelves in six weeks’ time.   Twelve months on, Agriculture and Food Minister Ken Baston visited local growers to assess recovery […]