INFO: Newly listed mango sold at higher price


Every March, a large volume of mangos swarm to the market, and they can be seen everywhere on the fruit stands. The main mango varieties include Little Taiwan Mango, Big Gold Mango etc, and the most popular one, also the cheapest one is little Taiwan Mango, which is sold at the price of 20 Yuan (USD 3.09) per kilo. These mangos were produced in Hainan, despite their small size, they are very popular in the market thanks to the great taste.


As for the reason behind the high price of mango during this year, Mr Li, an experienced fruit seller from Urban Garden Road Fruit Market explained: ”because mango is just listed on the market, and the majority of the mango in the market comes from Hainan, as mangos from Guangdong and Guangxi Province are not listed in the market yet, the lower supply volume leads to a high demand and higher price in comparison to the same period last year.”


Source: Fresh Plaza

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