MEXICO: Rains and cold may affect Colima’s plantain


According to the forecast of the National Weather Service, it might rain in Colima this week; something that the leader of the National Peasant Confederation (CNC) in Colima, Jorge Armando Gaytan Sanchez, deems could affect plantain producers the most.


“Hopefully it won’t rain so the flowers set well. The rains would affect plantain producers the most, as they are only starting to recuperate from the previous rains,” said the leader.


Gaytan Sanchez said that the atypical rains in January this year had mainly delayed the flowering of lime and mango trees.
“The lime blossom was a little affected. Hopefully the rains will arrive in season until summer and they won’t affect the production of mango and citrus, which are in full bloom,” he said.


Finally, he said mango and plantain crops were sensitive to low temperatures, so they would be affected if the temperature decreased to 13 or 15 degrees Celsius.


“Plantain would turn brownish, and that would hurt us as the market doesn’t buy plantain with these characteristics,” he said.


Source: Fresh Plaza

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