CAMEROON: Minor drop in Cameroon banana exports

  Cameroon’s banana association (ASSOBACAM) reported that in comparison with January 2015, when 26,366 tons of bananas were exported, January 2016 recorded a drop in dessert banana exports by 341 tons.   The downward trend is expected to continue throughout 2016, according to the Cameroonian Development Corporation (CDC); one of the three largest local exporters […]

ICELAND: Iceland home to N. Europe’s largest banana plantation

  Around 1950, Garðyrkjuskóli ríkisins in Iceland planted their first banana plants as an experiment. Only 177 miles from the Arctic Circle, the plantation at the Icelandic National Gardening School, is the biggest banana plantation in Northern Europe; fed by an abundance of volcanic hot springs, the heat from them is what makes this quite impossible […]

NEW ZEALAND: tightens biosecurity over fruit fly risk

  Following an outbreak of the Mediterranean fruit fly in Adelaide, New Zealand is tightening biosecurity measures for passengers arriving from Australia.   Detector dogs may be used to greet passengers as they step off incoming Australian flights to provide greater scrutiny of hand luggage, which is the most likely source of fruit and other […]

MEXICO: Higueral Produce pleased with new mango deal

by Tad Thompson, The Produce News   By mid-March, the Mexican mango season will be picking up for Higueral Produce, Inc., which is based in Rio Rico, AZ.   Higueral received the season’s first shipment on Feb. 19. Edgar Duarte, a partner in the firm, said the mangos “look really nice,” noting that the majority of mangos […]

US: Light papaya supplies from Mexico, Central America

by Jennifer Harrison, Fresh Plaza   A low papaya supply, coupled with a steady demand for the tropical fruit is creating a tightening of papayas prices for U.S. markets.   “Papayas are coming from Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, and due to weather and growing conditions in these areas, we have short supply right now,” explained Alan […]

SPAIN: Innovative tropical fruit ripeness testing technology

  Tropical Millenium, based in Malaga, is a company which has been dedicated to subtropical products since 2002, working mainly with avocado and mango imported from several countries.   For their new warehouse, they wanted a modern and innovative system that would allow the detection of ripe fruit ready for consumption. For this delicate job, […]

KENYA: Avocado disease hits Kenya

  Over the next two years, if uncontrolled, a disease known as Phytophthora could potentially wipe out avocado and macadamia trees in Murang’a and neighbouring counties in Kenya.   Olivado EPZ Ltd field officer Michael Gitahi, said that after realising the disease had invaded tree nurseries, the company decided to grow its own seedlings through […]

SPAIN: “This year has been far from superb for citrus growers”

by Joel Pitarch Diago, Fresh Plaza   According to José Enrique Sanz, manager of IGP Cítricos Valencianos, the current Valencian citrus season could be described as “commercially acceptable” because, despite a 30% drop in the Spanish production volume, prices have been somewhat better. However, expectations were much higher.   “Demand has been very intermittent, especially in […]

ICELAND: A Banana Grows in Iceland

by Kasper Friis, Atlas Obscura   Employees at Garðyrkjuskóli ríkisins take a certain pride in telling their guests that they work at the biggest banana plantation in Northern Europe.   Of course, there really isn’t much competition.   Bananas normally grow in much warmer climates. But the plantation at the Icelandic National Gardening School, near the city of Hveragerði, […]

CHINA: Banana price surge

    The extreme cold wave weather is the severest condition that banana growers have experienced. As cold and low temperature are the enemies for banana plantation. Their growth period requires high temperature and humidity, when the temperature drops to 5 degree, banana leaves will turn yellow.   If this situation continues for a longer […]

CALIFORNIA: California Citrus Mutual creates new labor association

  At the 2016 Citrus Showcase in early March, the California Citrus Mutual announced the formation of a new association, the California Agricultural Labor Association (CALA).   The announcement was made during a workshop at the Showcase about major developments in labor compensation laws for employees paid a piece rate.   Going forward, CALA will […]

US: Record profit for Avocado producer Calavo Growers

  Calavo Growers, an American avocado producer, did good business in the first quarter of this year. The company recently presented its quarterly figures, which show record results. Sales increased from 194.8 million dollars last year to 204.6 million dollars this year. The net profit was 19.8 percent higher compared to the first quarter of […]