“We like the circumstance which we are seeing on the EU market at the moment.”

by Nichola Watson, Fresh Plaza   There has been a lot in the news about how the drought is severely affecting the fruit production in South Africa and while the situation is very serious in most fruit producing regions it is not the case for Sundays River citrus grower Hannes De Waal from SRCC.   “We […]

FLORIDA: Legislature includes $31.1 million for Florida citrus

by Kevin Bouffard, The Ledger   Florida’s proposed $80 billion budget for 2016-17 includes $31.1 million for the state’s citrus industry, but as much as 40 percent of that could face Gov. Rick Scott’s veto pen.   In particular peril is $7 million of the proposed legislative budget for marketing programs at the cash-strapped Florida Department […]

ARGENTINA: increasingly imports more bananas than it produces

  The banana is the Argentineans favorite and most consumed fruit: per capita consumption stands at more than 12 kilograms per year. Argentina produces bananas in a tropical area in the north of the country but local production only supplies a fraction of what is consumed in the country. Instead, banana imports soar. In 2015 […]

UGANDA: Counting Potential Benefits of Biotechnology to Uganda

by Lominda Afedraru, All Africa   In crop agriculture, genetic modification (GM) technology has been used to improve appearance, taste, nutritional quality as well as drought, pest and disease tolerance.   The most adopted trait is that of herbicide tolerance, which enables weed control through chemical application as opposed to hand weeding.   In Uganda, research […]

EUROPE: confirms preservatives must be included in citrus labels

  The Court of Justice of the European Union has confirmed the mandatory use of labelling in citrus indicating the preservatives and other chemicals used in the post-harvest treatment.   Endorsing a previous ruling of the General Court, the Court of Justice confirmed that it is reasonable to warn consumers about the post-harvest treatments used […]

INDIA: Price fall leaves banana growers in distress

by C. Jaisankar, The Hindu     For C. Ramalingam (60), a banana grower of Alakarai near Musiri in the district, life is not as rosy as he finds it difficult to get back the money spent for raising banana on his four acres of land holding.   Since the market does not seem to be […]

The EU happy with Argentinian citrus fruits

  According to a report from European auditors, “Argentina has an integral system in place for the export of citrus fruits, with appropriate measures in each critical stage of the process; the country has also considerably strengthened its phytosanitary controls to minimise the risk of detection of quarantine pests at points of entry to the […]

INFO: Europe no longer a main market for Egyptian citrus exporters

    The sales of Egyptian oranges started slowly this year. “The expectations on the market were high. Because the price of Spanish and Moroccan oranges at the start of the Egyptian season were high, everyone expected the market to be easier,” says Joey Deen of Denimpex.   “I personally think that too much came […]

AUSTRALIA: Honey Gold hits the mark in the US

by Matthew Jones, Fruitnet   Queensland-grown Honey Gold mangoes have left a sweet taste in the mouths of US consumers, having entered the North American market for the first time this season.   Three shipments of the variety were included in an Australian industry export programme, which saw the fruit distributed across the US.   “Our […]

WORLD: Indonesian trade caps hurt Chinese citrus export

by Anouk Sijmonsma, Fresh Plaza   The Indonesian government has set off on a track of increased self-sufficiency. Strong-rupiah policy, anti-foreign sentiments and increased Chinese competition have moved the Indonesian president Joko Widodo towards protectionism.   The Indonesian government has, as part of this policy, reduced a lot of its fruit import quotas. The thought is […]

SPAIN: Cold snap causes huge fruit losses

  A cold snap in Spain last week caused millions of Euro loss to fruit production, especially in Murcia. Growers had feared that the early blossoming brought on by a mild winter, would leave the trees more vulnerable to the risk of frost, and unfortunately they were proved right.   Initial estimates from Murcia’s regional […]

COSTA RICA: opens market to Uruguayan citrus

  The State Phytosanitary Service (SFE), part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), conducted a Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) in order to open the market to Uruguayan citrus and it’s about to finalize the corresponding notifications to allow imports of a variety of these fruits into the country.   “The commercial activity for […]