ZAMBIA: Farmers Shun Pineapple Growing

by Kennedy, All Africa


MWINILUNGA in North-Western Province risks losing its status as the main pineapple-producing district in Zambia because many growers are now shunning the growing of the fruit due to lack of market.
The farmers are now opting to grow maize which has a readily available market.


Mwinilunga has long been held as the pineapple growing district, but due to the market challenges farmers have been avoiding the fruit in recent years.
Some farmers said in separate interviews that they had opted to grow maize because of the ready market for the crop compared to pineapples.


Kelvin Sacheng’a of Kanyikezhi said most pineapple farmers in the area had switched to maize growing.
“Most farmers in the area have stopped growing pineapples due to market challenges. Like in my case, I used to grow more than two hectares of the fruit when the market was available but I have reduced to two acres,” Mr Sacheng’a said.


Source: All Africa

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