INFO: El Niño affects avocado harvest

by Phillip Orange, Peru This Week


The weather phenomenon, El Niño is causing issues in the agriculture sector affecting crops such as the avocado.


The weather phenomenon known as El Niño is taking its toll across Peru many industries are having issues especially in the agricultural sector. One fruit in practically is having issues, the avocado and due to El Niño harvest has been delayed due to the fact that the fruit is ripening at a much slower rate.


Alfredo Paulett, of AG Natural Peru stated to media sources, “We are starting with the avocado campaign, but the weather phenomenon known as El Niño has taken a toll on the development of the fruit, which didn’t reach the required level of ripeness at the usual time. Our exports have also been delayed by this; even though prices are favourable, we cannot ship the fruit if it is not ready.”


Recently agencies such as SENASA (National Agricultural Health Service of Peru) and Prohass (Producers Association of Hass avocado, PERU) have been working together to implement stricter quality control of avocado. Meaning that each batch of avocado will be checked more thoroughly by Peruvian health officials before being exported, so if the level of ripeness is below par the batch will be retained.


Paulett although frustrated with the late harvest praises the new measures as before this farmers and exporters just harvested the fruit when the price was good even if that meant the fruit was not ripe thus damaging the reputation of Peruvian products. Paulett is confident that the measures will bring a new confidence in Peruvian products.


Source: Peru This Week

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