ECUADOR: “Banana growers have not been affected by the earthquake”

  While the number of victims continues to rise and the most affected areas by this natural event are Manabi, Pedernales and Esmeralda, the current state of the agricultural crops remains uncertain. It is worth noting that these provinces are mainly producers of coffee, corn, shrimp and passion fruit and other fruits, and that they […]

INFO: Tibet aims for new Citrus Trade Agreement with China

  A committee formed under Sabnam Shiwakoti, programme director at Post Harvest Technology Directorate, to study the sanitary and phytosanitary barriers in export of agricultural goods and citrus fruits to China has recommended inviting officials from China-Tibet Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to show them citrus production practice in the country in a bid to revise […]

INDIA: Artificial ripening of mangos rampant in Belagavi

by Vijaykumar Patil, The Hindu   Mango merchants in the city are reportedly resorting to artificial ripening of mangoes using chemicals such as calcium carbide in a bid to make quick profits.   Ravindra Hakate, Deputy Director of Horticulture, has said that it is in violation of the Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restrictions on […]

KENYA: Avocado traders reap big profits

by Dennis Chacha, Kibera County News   Avocado traders in Kibera have a reason to smile as the demand for their fruits has risen thus, boosting their business.   According to the traders at DC market, the avocado business has been on the rise as of late, many residents buy ripe avocados to use with vegetables as […]

INFO: Citrus sales on the increase

by Carl Collen, Fruitnet   According to recent IRI Worldwide data, total citrus sales in dollar terms are up by 8 per cent over last year for the December-February time period, highlighting consumer enthusiasm for seasonal citrus.   “Consumers are seeking fresh, bright and delicious foods during the winter months, creating great opportunity for peak season […]

AUSTRALIA: Australian citrus bids to build momentum

by John Hey, Fruitnet   Australia’s citrus industry is seeking to maintain the momentum from last year’s record export campaign in 2016, with early indications pointing to a highly ‘marketable’ crop and strong market demand.   Speaking at last week’s Market Outlook Forum, which drew more than 140 industry professionals from the growing, packing and […]

INFO: Peak citrus season brings plenty of varieties

  Peak citrus season is in full swing, and with it, a number of Sunkist citrus varieties are at their prime. Cara Cara, Navel and Blood oranges as well as Meyer lemons are full-flavored with strong supplies and superior quality, and late season specialties like Gold Nugget variety mandarins and Ojai Pixie tangerines are ramping […]

INFO: “Global avocado prices will standardise”

by Kelly den Herder, Fresh Plaza   For a few years, the consumption of avocados has been soaring worldwide, as reported by Celso Castillo, sales manager of Promega (Promotora Mexicana Gaitan), a company that exports avocados from Mexico to North America, Europe, Japan and Asia. He believes that demand in the European market in particular has […]

CALIFORNIA: First organic harvest nears for Californian melon grower

  Californian grower Van Groningen & Sons has responded to growing demand in the U.S. with its first organic melon harvest set to take place this May.   Marketing and sales manager Ryan Van Groningen told the company would be selling organic seedless watermelons, mini personal size watermelons and a range of sweet melons through the spring and summer.   “People […]

INFO: Banana fungal disease from Mozambique could threaten SA crops

by Amanda Celliers, SABC News   Banana farmers in South Africa are concerned about the spread of a fungal disease or panama disease that has been present in northern Mozambique for the past few years.   Should this soil-borne fungus be transferred to South Africa, it could put the whole banana industry at risk. Mpumalanga is […]

PHILIPPINES: Filipino banana companies’ expansion plans thwarted

  The lack of a world-class port in the Visayas is hindering the plan of some big banana companies to expand there. According to Stephen A. Antig, executive director of the Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association (PBGEA),  a world port is essential as it is a major component in the banana production for export. […]

COLOMBIA: Two outbreaks of HLB infected insects

  Since there were two outbreaks of HLB infected insects in different parts of the country, the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), Caqueta section, made public the measures to control the disease affecting citrus crops.   Even though Caqueta is currently free of HLB, the ICA held a training on Monday to socialize Resolution 2390 of […]