INDIA: Dry spell in Kerala hits durian, mangosteen crops

  Mangosteen and durian crops have been affected by the severe drought in Kerala this year. The dry weather caused the tender fruit to drop from the trees and untimely summer showers exacerbated the problem. There is now an estimated drop of 30-40 percent in mangosteen production, T Thomas, a botanist and professor told BusinessLine. […]

TURKEY: Turkey’s first watermelons harvested in Antalya

  Antalya’s greenhouse grown seedless watermelons are being sold to hypermarkets and hotels, with prices beginning at 2.5 TL (USD 0.85) a kilo and weights ranging between 5-7 kg.   ‘’We’ve grown the earliest watermelons in Turkey,’’ explains grower Veli Cetin. ‘’Our watermelons are tasty without the black seeds. Prices are around 2.5TL (USD 0.85) a kilo […]

COLOMBIA: Shortage of avocado in Montes de Maria due to drought

  According to Senen Arias Aragon, the vice president of the Association of Ranchers and Producers of Yam and Avocado, avocado production in the upper area of El Carmen de Bolivar has been affected by the Phytophtora pest, which has killed thousands of avocado trees, and the prolonged drought caused by El Niño in the […]

INFO: Bayer aims for banana sustainability

by Carl Collen, Fruitnet   Bayer has used its appearance at the sixth International Banana Congress, which is taking place from 19-22 April 19 in Miami, Florida, to showcase its portfolio of products and solutions that support the success and sustainability of the banana industry.   Experts from the company are presenting recent product innovations […]

SPAIN: New markets sought for Canary bananas to prevent discards

  The throwing away of banana surpluses to avoid excessive price falls is a legal practice, but “socially unacceptable.” The Councillor of Agriculture of the Government of the Canary Islands, Narvay Quintero, has insisted on the need to address this problem; he announced the search for “markets outside the Peninsula” to sell the production and […]

PERU: Peru exported 97% more pomegranate in first two months

  According to Sierra Exportadora, pomegranate exports increased by 25% in 2015,  a trend that continues this year as the country shipped over 4.2 million dollars of pomegranates in the first two months of the year, i.e. 97% more than in the same period last year. Sierra Exportadora promotes pomegranate crops and trains small producers […]

BRITAIN: Avocado prices plummet in Britain

  Britain is in the grip of an avocado boom, experts say, as celebrity endorsement, growing awareness of its health benefits and its growing popularity in vegetarian recipes propels sales.   The fruit has become so popular that it overtook sales of oranges in December, and its popularity looks set to continue as, in a […]

PERU: Peruvian pomegranates increasingly popular

  Peruvian pomegranates are proving increasingly popular overseas, especially in the Netherlands. According to food exporter Sierra Exportadora, pomegranate sales have increased by 97% in the first two months of this year compared to the 25% increase in the same period in 2015. This increase meant that Peru exported 4.2 million dollars’ worth of pomegranates […]

NEW ZEALAND: NZ kiwifruit orchard sales jump

  Demand for kiwifruit is outstripping supply, causing a jump in orchard sales in the Western Bay of Plenty, which has been described by one agent as “a land grab”.   Figures from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand show 83 orchards sold in 2014 for a sale median price of $1.015 million compared […]

INDIA: High mango prices deter buyers

  Suppliers from Tamil Nadu and Kerala have been dumping huge quantities of mangoes on Aurangabad markets, but despite an abundance of the fruit, buyers are not biting. Sellers are contributing this “unnatural phenomenon” to the current sky prices of the fruits.   Almost one month has passed since the mango season in the city […]

NICARAGUA: 70% of bananas lost to the drought

  Roger Portobanco, the treasurer of the Association of Banana Producers from Rivas (Aplari) and producer of bananas from Tolesmayda, in the municipality of Buenos Aires, asked the government to support producers from this department that are affected by drought.   70 percent of the 10,000 banana blocks planted annually in Rivas have been lost […]

PANAMA: Del Monte may be solution to banana crisis

  The Del Monte agricultural transnational company might be the only solution to the crisis in the Panamanian banana production. Meanwhile, the unemployed in the sector demand state intervention.   According to Carlos Motta, member of the Democratic Revolutionary Party for the region of Baru, Del Monte’s proposal to invest about 126 million dollars to […]