PERU: Cusco produces more Hass avocados for export

  The office of the National Service of Agrarian Health (Senasa) in Cusco highlighted that, in the first quarter of this year, the production of Hass avocado for export in the region of Cusco surpassed 180 tons.   Senasa said that it was working in the province of Anta, in coordination with local avocado producers, […]

AUSTRALIA: Pineapple farmers recover after Cyclone Marcia

  Cyclone Marcia hit central Queensland in February last year, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to fruit farms. Yet, now pineapple farmers are rejoicing over what is set to be their best crop since the cyclone.   Pineapple farmer Ben Clifton’s property was one of those hit by Marcia’s fury. After […]

INFO: Banana industry unites to face common enemy

by Maura Maxwell, Fruitnet   Panama Disease looks set to dominate the agenda at the VI International Banana Congress, which takes place in Miami this week.   Organised by Corbana and Acorbat, the conference brings together more than 1,000 delegates from 34 countries who will hear industry experts discuss the latest developments in the fight against […]

PERU: Peruvian citrus on track for Japan

by Gabrielle Easter, Fruitnet   Peru’s Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) has announced that its working with Japan to resolve phytosanitary issues that could see Peruvian citrus enter Japan this August, according to Andina.   Peru’s National Service for Agriculture Sanitation (Senasa) it working with tis Japanese counterparts ot negoation market access   “A Senasa […]

NEW ZEALAND: Zespri releases early profit range for 2016/17

by Matthew Jones, Fruitnet   Zespri has released early projection ranges for orchard gate returns over the 2016/17 season, with gold kiwifruit set to be the biggest mover, according to Scoop Independent News.   The long-range forecast puts gold (predominantly Zespri SunGold) returns between NZ$7.80 (USD 5.26) and NZ$8.80 (USD 5.93) per tray, compared to a forecast of NZ$7.96 […]

INFO: Containerisation a boon for banana exporters

by Maura Maxwell, Fruitnet   Lower fuel costs and the increased availability of containers have transformed the global banana business, bringing more markets within reach of suppliers, according to Juan David Alarcón, CEO of US marketer Turbana.   Speaking about the evolution of the banana business and international market trends and the International Banana Congress […]

INFO: Joined-up thinking brings fresh hope for bananas

by Maura Maxwell, Fruitnet   The race has intensified to develop a commercially viable banana resistant to the latest virulent strain of Panama Disease amid mounting concerns that the world’s most popular variety, Cavendish, could meet the same fate as its predecessor Gros Michel.   The decision by Corbana and Acorbat, to join forces for the […]

CHINA: China has potential to become huge avocado market

by Heather Goulooze, Fresh Plaza   Mexico started sending avocados to Japan around 15 years ago, which has made it one of the most developed markets in Asia. However, with increased education and recent clearance to China, the established market in Japan has become a good template for the great potential of the up and coming […]

INFO: China to become Zespri’s largest market in 2016

by Gabrielle Easter, Fruitnet   Zespri has reconfigured its business model in China to become an ‘importer of record’, bringing it into line with the long-established models used in Japan and Europe ahead of what’s set to be a record season of Zespri kiwifruit imports into China.   “China is poised to become Zespri’s number one […]

INFO: Mexico sent 28% more avocado to Canada

  Mexico exported 63,422 tons of fresh avocado to the Canadian market during 2015, i.e. 28 percent more than in 2014, and 91 percent of Canada’s avocado market share.   According to Armando Lopez Orduña, the director of the APEAM, Mexico achieved this number thanks to their strong promotion.   “There are many factors contributing […]

AUSTRALIA: Pineapple farmers celebrate best crop since Cyclone Marcia devastated central Queensland

by Jonathan Hair, ABC Net   The storm did hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to fruit farms near Yeppoon.   Ben Clifton’s property was one of those hit by Marcia’s fury.   “The scene here after Cyclone Marcia was utter devastation – there was machinery wrapped around telephone poles, there was plant blown flat, […]

EUROPE: Bananas buck EU consumption trend

by Maura Maxwell, Fruitnet   Bananas consistently outperform other fruits and vegetables on the European market when it comes to consumption according to data from Freshfel.   In a presentation on new actors, consumption and distribution trends, challenges and future prospects in the European Union made at this week’s International Banana Congress in Miami, Freshfel’s Raquel […]