PERU: Peru’s avocado production could increase by 17%

    “This year’s Hass avocado campaign began earlier than expected in the south-central region of Peru, mainly because of weather conditions. By contrast, the campaign was slightly delayed in the north of the country. Projections are that production will increase by approximately 17% this year. The country is exporting most of its production to […]

SOUTH INDIA: High production keeps banana prices low

  High production and competition from other tropical fruits mean that banana prices in South India are likely to stay low. India is the largest producer of bananas with 30 million tonnes a year and accounts for 30% of the global output. Most of India’s banana production is for domestic consumption with exports being negligible […]

MEXICO: No excuse for the high avocado prices

  In recent weeks, the price of avocados has soared in Mexico. In Coahuila, it oscillates between 49 and 56 pesos per kilo in major supermarkets.   Mr Marcos Durán, federal delegate of Economy, believes that there is no good reason for prices to have gone “through the roof” and that they must necessarily drop […]

CALIFORNIA, USA: Industry projects 120 million pounds of avocados to be consumed for Fourth of July

  The California Avocado Commission is bringing back its integrated marketing program for Fourth of July with a program that features consumer and trade advertising, social media, public relations and customized retailer support. The U.S. avocado category shipments are expected to hit more than 120 million pounds during the Fourth of July merchandising period, which […]

INFO: “Natural flowering provides large supply on pineapple market”

  During the first five months of the year, the pineapple market acted according to the wishes of the importers. “There was not too much pressure on the market and that resulted in good prices. All importers were able to make money and that is also nice for a change,” observes Mario de Goede of […]

INDIA: More mangos shipped to US

by Carlos Nunez, Fresh Plaza   Mango production in India was better this season than it was during the previous season, and part of that increased volume is finding its way to the U.S. market. As American consumers, like consumers around the world, learn about Indian mangos, Indian exporters are hoping shipments to the U.S. will […]

Philippines to host ISTF2016 in Davao City

  The International Tropical Fruits Network (TFNet), the Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Plant Industry, Philippines (BPI), and the PhilFruits Association, Inc. (PFA) are jointly organizing the International Symposium on Tropical Fruits: Towards Sustainable Fruit Production and Global Food Security (ISTF2016) on 29 August-03 September 2016 in Davao City, Philippines.   The symposium aims […]

PERU: Small passionfruit growers prepare first Netherlands-bound shipment

    Smallholder passionfruit growers in northern Peru are gearing up to send a trial shipment to the Netherlands for the first time, with the help of government support.   Public entity Sierra Exportadora worked with the country’s National Fruit Program to help three grower associations in Lambayeque gain access to the market.   The 45 […]

PERU: Junin produces 33% more Golden pineapples

  With the support of Sierra Exportadora, the Association of Producers of Exotic Fruit of the Central Forest of Peru (Profutex), located in Mazamari province of Satipo, Junin, increased the volume of its Golden pineapple sales by 33% in 2015. Profutex went from marketing 6,000 tons of pineapple in 2014 to 8,000 tons last year. […]

COSTA RICA: Exporters slam new pineapple controls

by Maura Maxwell, Fruitnet   Costa Rica’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) has introduced stricter sanitary controls on the exports of pineapples, in light of increasing interceptions in shipments bound for the US because of the discovery of insects.   However, producers have reportedly rejected the measure, claiming the new plan has already caused […]

MEXICO: Avocados from Mexico to unveil multi-tier trade program at United Fresh

  Avocados From Mexico, the No. 1 selling avocado in the United States, will be unveiling an early preview of its 2016-17 trade program at the United Fresh show, including new seasonal promotions, merchandising solutions and digital innovations to drive consumer demand and category growth.   The multi-tiered program will be introduced in a new […]

MEXICO: Jalisco facility a “harbinger” of avocado growth for Calavo

  The head of one of the industry’s leading avocado companies expects fresh operations will continue to track positively this year with double-digit gross margin growth, and is also upbeat about the impact of a U.S. opening for imports from the Mexican state of Jalisco.   In Calavo Growers’ results announcement for the second quarter, CEO Lee E. […]