INDIA: Papaya industry is booming

by Yzza Ibrahim, Fresh Plaza     India, the top producer of papaya with an overwhelming 38.6% contribution in the global market from 2008-2010, surprisingly, lags behind from its major producing counterparts in terms of exportation of the fruit. Tulfi Lunagariya, Director of Adventa Export Private Limited, said that papaya has been a very lucrative business […]

US: Golden papayas scarce due to Brazilian drought

by Carlos Nunez, Fresh Plaza     Supplies of Golden papayas from Brazil have been scarce in the United States recently, as a drought in the South American country has made for low production. As consumption of the fruit increases, supplies of other papaya varieties remain steady. But differences between the varieties makes it impossible to […]

US: Rambutan imports set to arrive later this month

by Carlos Nunez, Fresh Plaza       Shipments of rambutan are set to arrive from Guatemala later this month, and early reports point to good volumes despite a late start to the season. The tropical fruit is gaining popularity in the United States, and it’s finding its place among more established tropical imports.   […]

TAIWAN: Taiwanese supermarket shipping tropical fruit to Japan, HK

  A local Taiwanese upscale supermarket chain implemented a service for shipping Taiwanese fruit to customers in Hong Kong and Japan, back in 2008. The service will now allow customers to order mangoes, lychees, pineapples and dragon fruit online, said Ella Hung of city’super, a joint venture between the Far Eastern Group and an upscale […]

SOUTH KOREA: Global warning prompt growers to mere into tropical fruit production

by Matthew Jones, Fruitnet   Global warming is prompting growers in South Korea’s North Chungcheong province to move into tropical fruit production.   Traditionally known for its apple and stonefruit orchards, the province is now home to a small passionfruit plantation, located on the outskirts of Chungju. The 0.2ha plantation produced its first commercial crop […]

ECUADOR: Banana waste could cover half of the countries electricity demands

by Maura Maxwell, Fruitnet   A new study reveals that banana waste could provide an important source of energy in Ecuador.   The report from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) claims the waste generated from bananas produced in the province of El Oro could cover 55 per cent of electricity demand in the province and […]

INFO: Pineapple rather costly all year already

  The pineapple market has been very good right from the start of the year. “Prices are good at 12 to 13 euro for common sizes, but they are not too high, keeping consumption at a high level. Additionally, everyone is happy with the pineapple’s quality,” says Miguel Gonzalez of MG Fruit. “More volume is […]

VIETNAM: Fruit exporters target more International market

  Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) is optimistic that the country will be able to export more fruits to choosy markets at higher prices this year. The ministry believes that the fruit export turnover in 2016 will reach over $2 billion, higher than the $1.8 billion last year.   China is the […]

NORTH AMERICA: Zespri prepares for North American onslaught

by Maura Maxwell, Fruitnet   Zespri has announced plans to significantly grow its volume across North America in 2016 in response to what it describes as “very positive consumer reaction” to its kiwifruit last season. The marketer’s plans include the opening of a new office in Orange County, California to support its growth within the […]

AUSTRALIA: Western Australia’s avocado production set to boom as farmers eye international markets

by Sean Murphy, abc net   Jennie Franceschi runs one of the largest avocado packing and processing companies in WA, a state that produces more than 60 per cent of the nation’s summer avocado crop.   She said a perfect storm of Christmas holidays, fire, rain and transport problems led to a temporary supply problem on […]

INFO: China increases checks on Taiwan’s pineapple exports

  From Friday 20 May, Taiwan has a new government, and as result of uncertainty in cross-strait relations due to the change of power, Taiwan’s exports of farm products to China have shown signs of a slowdown the Chinese-language United Daily News reported yesterday 19 May.   A pineapple trader in Yunlin County surnamed Wu […]

INFO: Global papaya market overview

by Rudolf Mulderij, Fresh Plaza   The drought in Brazil is causing a worldwide shortage. In Europe and the United States, the supply is falling and prices are on the rise. This is a bad situation, given the growing popularity of the fruit. Central America is a major papaya production area. Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala and […]