AUSTRALIA: How date palm seeds can remove toxins from the environment

    Date palms are an iconic feature of landscapes in the Middle East and North Africa. These graceful trees are one of the oldest known fruit crops and have been cultivated for well over 5,000 years, providing sustenance for generations.   To this day, dates have been an important international crop, cultivated in a wide […]

MALAYSIA: Drought in Malaysia increases price of durians and delays peak season to end July

by Fabian Koh, Straits Times     A drought in Malaysia has led to a spike in durian prices, with some sellers here charging over $10 a kilogram more than they were a year ago.   June and July usually form the peak season for the ‘king of fruits’ but the dry weather has decimated crops, […]

PAKISTAN: How technology can help Pakistan’s mango economy

by Muhammad Luqman,     Malik Mazhar Sandheela, the owner of an orchard near river Chenab in Multan is eying a 100 percent increase in the income from his mango crop this year.   To him, adoption of new production and pest management techniques have led to increase in the per hectare yield of the […]

U.S: Tropical fruits provide lifeline amid Venezuela food shortages

by Alexandra Ulmer, Reuters   Venezuela’s mango season is providing some relief during worsening food shortages that are forcing the poor to skip meals and sparking a rash of lootings.   Facing Soviet-style food lines for increasingly scarce products at supermarkets, more and more people are turning to the South American nation’s lush mango, coconut and […]

PHILIPPINES: Grow pummelo and jackfruit in your farm

by Zac Sarian, Manila Bulletin     A lady lawyer who is developing a farm in northern Luzon consulted us on what’s new in fruit trees. She said she has bought practically every variety from our nursery in Teresa, Rizal.   We learned that she is developing about eight hectares and has already planted a […]

PERU: Organic banana and avocado to replace other crops

  Betzabeth Marquez, the head of the Compensation for Competitiveness Program (Agroideas) stated that the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) will invest more than 44 million soles in the regions of Piura and Lambayeque to replace rice and other basic agricultural product crops with organic banana and avocado crops.   Marquez said that there […]

INFO: Dominican Republic to export avocados to other Central American countries

  “As soon as the ban to export Dominican avocados to the United States was abolished, producers and exporters began to make plans for this year’s campaign. Local consumption and export estimates have doubled and they will continue to grow year after year, as producers are interested in growing more avocados in our country,” said […]

CHILE: Expects to double China-bound avocado exports

  The Chilean Hass avocado industry is looking to build on last season’s exports of around 90,000 metric tons (MT), particularly in China where volumes are still small but are growing very quickly.   Chilean Hass Avocado Committee managing director Juan Enrique Lazo told the industry only shipped one container when the market was opened for the […]

AUSTRALIA: Drones could be the answer to early disease detection in banana crops

by Kim Honan, ABC News   University of New England PhD candidate Aaron Aeberli said different sensor systems could be attached to satellites or drones.   “Remote sensing records the interaction of different objects to different levels of electromagnetic radiation systems,” he said.   Mr Aeberli said the technology was already being used in other […]

BOLIVIA: Plague attacks papaya and other fruits

  According to the mayor Palos Blancos, Beimer Mamani Montero, 60% to 70% of the papaya crops in the municipalities of South Yungas, Palos Blancos, Tipuani, Teoponte, and Alto Beni are being affected by a plague.   Papaya is one of the most cultivated products throughout this area because of its profitability and productivity, “we […]

FLORIDA, US: Final Florida citrus estimate released

by Carl Collen, Fruitnet     The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has revealed that the final 2015/16 Florida orange crop estimate stands at 81.5m boxes, which marks a 16 per cent decrease from the previous year’s result.   During the 2014/15 season, Florida produced 96.8m boxes of oranges.   Valencia oranges totaled 45.4m boxes […]

NETHERLANDS: Could nanotech revolutionise shelf life?

by Michael Barker, Fruitnet   Nanotechnology could provide the answer to extending the shelf life of fresh fruit, researchers have claimed.   According to the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA), Canadian, Indian and Sri Lankan researchers have created a nanotech application of a natural plant extract called hexanal, which can be used to delay […]