AUSTRALIA: Encouraging start for Australian citrus exports

by Matthew Jones, Fruitnet   Strong demand from Asian markets, including triple figure growth in orange exports to Indonesia, has Australian citrus suppliers riding high after the first five months of the 2016 season.   Judith Damiani, chief executive of peak industry body Citrus Australia, said export volumes reached 16,765 tonnes at the end of May, […]

MEXICO: The agricultural food trade surplus with the US increased by 46%

  The head of Sagarpa, Jose Calzada, stated that, from January to April this year, the surplus of the food trade balance of Mexico with the United States had increased by 46 percent when compared to the same period of 2015, with a favorable balance for the country of 3,818 million dollars.   According to […]

AUSTRALIA: NSW banana growers asked to support $3 million buyout of Panama disease-infected Queensland farm

by Kim Honan, ABC News     The state’s banana growers will head to the ballot box next week to vote on increasing the banana levy to buy out a farm in far north Queensland infected by Panama disease Tropical Race 4 (TR4).   The industry’s peak body has been south of the border this week trying to […]

AUSTRALIA: Fate of farm infected with Panama tropical race four to be sealed by a ballot of banana growers

by Charlie McKillop, ABC News   The industry peak body, Australian Banana Growers Council, has secured $1.5 million dollars from the Federal Government to buy back the infected farm at Tully and is asking growers to agree to pay a national levy to raise another $3 million dollars.   Earlier negotiations broke down when the parties failed […]

MEXICO: The entry of avocado from Jalisco to the US is imminent

The minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) of Mexico, Jose Calzada, said Jalisco would be able to export Hass avocado to the US market this year.   Calzada Rovirosa addressed the issue during a meeting with the US Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, and stated that the US authorities were working […]

CALIFORNIA: Steady market, pricing a little low for watermelons

by Marieke Hemmes, Fresh Plaza   The Fourth of July holiday brought the usual spike in sales this year, though prices were a little low when compared to past years. Production in the West is centered in California, where the Central Valley’s growers are harvesting a steady supply of fruit.   “Demand was very good for […]

INFO: Overview Global Banana Market

by Rudolf Mulderij, Fresh Plaza   The impact of El Niño has taken a toll on Latin American bananas. Colombia and Costa Rica recorded losses, causing a large part of the market to depend on Ecuador. However, this country also recorded losses. For the whole region, estimates point to a 30 percent drop in the banana […]

CALIFORNIA, USA: Avocado Comission breaks new ground with mural

by Tim Linden, The Produce News   In recognition of how people, especially millennials, choose to communicate in current times, the California Avocado Commission is using a couple of avocado-themed murals to draw a connection between the fruit and the state in which it is grown.   CAC changed advertising agencies this year and part […]

EUROPE: Avocado prices are on the rise in Europe

  The European avocado market is more stable in Europe than in the United States, where, at the moment, prices are recording all time highs. However, avocado prices are rising in Europe due to the growth in demand and to the fact that large suppliers, such as Peru, have redirected many of their shipments to […]

PERU: Set to maintain avocado export level despite El Niño

    Peru is set to produce about 180,000 tons of avocados for export this year, an amount roughly equal to last year,   According to a USDA GAIN report, this is despite the 2015-16 El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) weather phenomena delaying the country’s avocado harvest.   However, while Peru’s avocado production in April – which along […]

MEXICO: CAJ warns of risks of avocado overproduction

  Given the exponential growth that Jalisco’s avocado production could register after the opening of the US market to the fruit grown in this state, the Agricultural Council of Jalisco (CAJ, for its acronym in Spanish) warned about the possibility of overproduction and falling prices.   According to the projections made by the Secretariat of […]

SPAIN: Research to accelerate the improvement process of avocado

  The avocado has brought a revolution in gastronomy and its success is due, among other things, to its health benefits. Avocados contain good fats and are cholesterol and sodium free, so many researchers are trying to create the perfect avocado in their labs.   Such is the case of Iñaki Hormaza,  a Doctor of […]