SPAIN: Temperature fluctuations may impact Spanish avocado season

  Sigfrido Molina of Sigfrido Fruit is cautious about harvest forecasts for avocados, but is upbeat on pricing ahead of the season in October.   Speaking with, he emphasizes that unlike some avocado-growing nations, Spain’s three production provinces of Málaga, Granada and Cádiz in Andalusia have just one bloom each year, which means climatic factors […]

PAKISTAN: PARC, China pledge to cooperate in agri-research

  The Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) chairman has said that the council attaches great importance to collaborate with China in various sectors including agricultural development for ensuring food security and poverty alleviation in South Asia.   Presiding over a meeting with a four-member Chinese delegation held at the PARC Headquarters on Thursday, the PARC […]

CANADA: How nanotechnology will keep your bananas and mangoes from rotting

by Bryson Masse, motherboard   A Canadian team has invented a new way to make sure that fruit stays fresh for longer, by spraying them with a nano-scale formula. Jay Subramanian, a professor of tree fruit breeding and biotechnology at the University of Guelph, and his group have developed a treatment that extends the shelf life […]

MEXICO: Scientists create two types of papaya to prevent disease

by Miriam Taylor, newslodi   The Center for Scientific Research of Yucatan (CICY) developed two new types of papaya Maradol, known as Kanput and Chakput, which have nutrients that prevent disease such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome.   In an interview with the News Agency of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), researcher Jorge Santamaría […]

PHILIPPINES: Irradiation can fight mango weevil infestation

by Conrad M. Cariño, Manila Times   Radiation can fight the mango pulp weevil (MPW) or Sternochetus frigidus in mango, which can help the Philippines pass the quality standards for the United States market for tropical fruits, according to government researchers.   The Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) of the Department of Science and Technology […]

CALIFORNIA, USA: Sequencing of fungal disease genomes may help prevent banana armageddon

    The Sigatoka group of fungi The Sigatoka disease complex is a cluster of three closely related fungi–yellow sigatoka (Pseudocercospora musae), eumusae leaf spot (Pseudocercospora eumusae) and black sigatoka (Pseudocercospora fijiensis)–which emerged in quick succession during the last century as destructive pathogens on banana.   Yellow sigatoka was the first of the three to […]

AUSTRALIA: Strong finish to Australian navel season

by Matthew Jones, Fruitnet     All indications suggest 2016 will be another record export campaign for Australian navel oranges.   According to a update issued by peak industry body Citrus Australia, the country’s export programmes have been bolstered by reduced crops from South Africa, favourable exchange rates across a number of currencies and a […]

NETHERLANDS: Research unravels DNA of banana fungus

by Matthew Jones, Fruitnet     An international consortium, led by scientists from the Wageningen University & Research Centre, claims to have unravelled the DNA of pseudocercospora fijiensis, the fungus that causes the black Sigatoka disease in bananas.   Gert Kema, a professor in tropical phytopathology at Wageningen University, said the findings provide leads for […]

OMAN: Date harvest season

by Mohammed Shafeeqe, Times of Oman     Dates are synonymous with the Middle Eastern life as we know that there are few more appealing ways to round off a meal in the Sultanate than eating a handful of sweets and succulent dates. These tasty fruits have been a key part of the diet in the […]

MEXICO: The logistical advantage of Mexico is its short transit times to Asia and Europe

by  Kelly den Herder, Fresh Plaza     Currently, an opportunity opens for the market in Asia caused by recent sanitary and weather setbacks from the Philippines, especially in the banana sector. Prime Fruit Mexico has focused on developing the Mexican origin of various tropical fruits in these markets, and although they currently export to markets […]

MALAYSIA: Pineapple planters all excited about MD2

by Churchill Edward, theborneopost   Veteran pineapple planters in the state are looking forward to planting the sweet MD2 variety, which is in demand in the Middle East and Asia.   Planters in Johor have found great success with the variety, which has a longer shelf life and can thus withstand longer shipping hours.   In […]

NETHERLANDS: Pineapple shortage will continue for another month

  There has been a shortage on the pineapple market the past few weeks. “In the 28th week, the market has been improving and this will continue for at least another month,” expects Frank Ocampo of Hagé International. “The pineapple sales usually stagnate during summer, but the situation has changed due to an earlier and […]