VIETNAM: Aussies open door to Vietnamese mango

    Australia has given the green light for Vietnamese fresh mango to be imported into the country after nine years of negotiations, making it the second Vietnamese fruit, after litchi, to be presenting in the demanding market.   The Việt Nam Trade Office in Australia said the first shipments of mango will arrive in […]

INDIA: Tweaking genes could extend shelf-life of mangoes

by Ians, I4U News   Wastage of mangoes cultivated in India, the world’s top producer, due to flawed post-harvest practices can be countered by tweaking certain genes in the “King of Fruits”, say Indian researchers who have identified the ones most prominently involved in ripening of the juicy ‘dashehri’ variety.   India accounts for 42.06 […]

SPAIN: Exporter deals exclusively in ready-to-eat mangoes

    “Now is the ideal moment to harvest our mangoes,” states Sigfrido Molina, manager of Sigfrido Fruit. Despite there being large producers which kicked off early this year, this producer, importer and exporter has been one of the last to start their Spanish mango campaign.   “Two years ago, we stopped dealing with mangoes […]

AUSTRALIA: Northern Territory watermelon harvest prolonged by early start to wet season

by Daniel Fitzgerald, abc news     An early start to the wet season saw more than 100 millimetres fall over a few days in the main melon-growing regions around Katherine and Mataranka.   Mataranka melon grower Kane Younghusband said the rain was likely to prolong harvest for another few weeks.   “Some rain at this time of […]

PANAMA: Takes advantage of Costa Rica’s low pineapple supply

by Kelly den Herder, Fresh Plaza     August and September are the months when Panama’s pineapple production reaches its peak, unlike the production of Costa Rica, which falls due to the natural flowering. Currently, prices of pineapples in the European market are very high due to the lack of supply from Costa Rica, which is […]

AUSTRALIA: First Western Australia mangoes of the year sent to Perth markets

by Matt Brann, abc news     The early fruit from Kununurra is expected to fetch a premium price, with previous years suggesting a price-tag of up to $100 a tray.   Based in Kununurra, Geoff Warnock, from the Australian Mango Industry Association, said the quality of the first fruit looked good.   “So the first […]

INDIA: Mango season in the hills

by  Meenal Tatpati, The Hindu     On a particularly sultry summer’s day last year, my colleagues and I were trudging uphill through the dense forests of the Niyamgiri hills. A few minutes into the hills, and the sticky sweet aroma of ripe mangoes wafted up our noses. As we walked deeper along a narrow […]

AUSTRALIA: No ‘bananageddon’; Bright future for banana industry in northern Australia

by Courtney Fowler, abc news     The collaborative research project between the Northern Territory and Queensland governments has seen 27 varieties of banana planted, looking for signs of tolerance or resistance to the disease.   Department of Primary Industries (DPI) director of plant industries Bob Williams said three months into the project, there were several […]

AUSTRALIA: Vietnamese dragon fruit could pose biosecurity risk and flood local market, says NT farmer

by Carl Curtain, abc news     The Federal Department of Agriculture has released a draft report proposing the importation of dragon fruit from the South-East Asian country, provided quarantine and food safety measures are met.   The report identifies seven species of pests, fruit fly and mealybug, which would require risk management measures.   Liza Marasigan, who […]

PANAMA: Winds destroy banana crops in Panama

    A significant portion of Panama’s banana cultivation has been damaged by winds that pummeled the country’s Atlantic coast near the Costa Rican border last week.   Atlantic Banana Cooperative (Coobana) labor director Chito Quintero told the wind and rain hit the Bocas del Toro region on Sept. 21.   “For every hectare planted there are […]

PERU: We have pineapples of 16 Brix this season

    Storms and winds in the Peruvian jungle at the beginning of September did not affect the quality of the fruit and vegetable production. Elizabeth Cruz, from Agroexport Ucayali, reported that, “The hurricane force winds in Iquitos had implications for agriculture, but we don’t yet know how great. This area mainly produces bananas, pineapples […]

ECUADOR: Mango harvest will start a month early

by Carlos P Poggio, Fresh Plaza     Many Ecuadorian producers of mango are enjoying the good yields that were forecast and are anticipating that an early mango harvest will give them a strategic advantage in new markets. Libya Piñeres, who works at Rinursa, a company that produces and exports mangoes, spoke about the current situation: […]