INFO: These mangoes are wild, but maybe you can tame them before they disappear

There is a wide diversity of wild mango (Mangifera) species that bear edible fruit. They are related to the mango we all know and love, Mangifera indica, but they are not the same. Street markets in Borneo, Malaysia, and Indonesia will sometimes display wild mangoes for sale, just as they have for hundreds of years, […]

CHINA: Pineapples imports from Costa Rica to commence

China wants to include Costa Rican pineapples in their market. It is not something new as Costa Rica outstands as one of the best producers of this fruit around the world. The news was announced by the Costa Rica’s Ministry of Foreign Trade who made the news public about the new agreement with China. The […]

Ramadan: Spruce up your diet with tropical fruits

TFNet’s Project Officer, Arifurrahman Rusman, offers insights into the necessity of creating healthier Ramadan diets through the inclusion of a variety of tropical fruits.   It’s been almost 2 weeks since Ramadan began. While dates and watermelons are highly favored for that quick burst of energy and quenching of thirst, why don’t we add more […]