INDIA: High-yielding variety of tamarind identified

The scientists at the Horticulture Research Station here have identified a variety of tamarind with a red coloured pulp which could help the farmers of the State and especially those of the Rayalaseema districts.   Dr. B. Sreenivasulu, senior scientist, told The Hindu that the new variety had a red pulp, which in itself was […]

INFOGRAPH – Friday Fruit Facts (#004) – Pineapple

From the tables of kings and queens of a bygone era to a less conspicuous component in present-day diets, the #pineapple has endured a humbling journey through time. Fascinate yourselves with this week’s Friday Fruit Facts.       CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

INFOGRAPH – Friday Fruit Facts (#003) – Noni

We take many things for granted. This is the case of the obscure noni fruit which has in recent years gained a new form of interest and popularity from celebrities to the man on the street. The noni plant can be found growing wildly in most parts of Southeast Asia and #Australasia. Due to its […]

INFOGRAPH: Friday Fruit Facts (#002) – Dragon Fruit

Was your week a DRAG? ON today’s edition of Friday Fruits Facts, learn more about the dragonfruit to perk up your brain for the weekend!       CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

R&D: Scientists create vitamin A-rich bananas that could save children’s lives

Scientists in Australia have created golden-orange-fleshed bananas rich in pro-vitamin A that could save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children who die from a deficiency of this vitamin every year.   The “biofortified” bananas were developed by taking genes from a species of banana from Papua New Guinea, which is high in provitamin A but only […]

INFOGRAPH: Friday Fruit Facts (#001) – Rambutan

Get to know more about the rambutan in today’s edition of Friday Fruit Facts.       CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

USA: The return of an heirloom watermelon

Don’t tell Nat Bradford that a watermelon is just a watermelon.   Not only is the Bradford Watermelon about the sweetest, juiciest watermelon you’ve probably never heard of, let alone eaten … its backstory is pretty juicy, too.   In the sandy soil of Sumter County, S.C., generations of Bradfords have been harvesting these 30-to-40 […]

VIETNAM: Dragonfruit exports expand

Vietnamese dragonfruit is entering new international markets, as its export network reaches 40 countries.   Shoppers in India, New Zealand, Australia and Chile could soon be buying Vietnamese dragonfruit, as the fruit reaches new international markets, reports the Vietnam News Agency (VNA).     Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Mard) told the VNA […]