AUSTRALIA: Free mangoes for people in need sparked by a generous farmer’s war on waste

In a sweet gesture of generosity, a Queensland mango farmer is giving away his entire crop of juicy fruit to charities and people in need.   Brian Burton was taken off-guard when his bumper crop of Kensington Pride mangoes came on three weeks early.   “Normally we start picking now. They were all falling on […]

NEW ZEALAND: Tropical Fruit Growers NZ membership soars

Tropical Fruit Growers of New Zealand membership has soared since a Northern Advocate report in March last year publicised the potential for profit in growing bananas, pineapples and other tropical plants in Northland and other warmer parts of New Zealand.   Back then, the group had about 20 members experimenting with growing tropical fruit commercially. […]

PHILIPPINES: Cecid flies threaten Ilocos mango farms anew

It is nearly the season of mangoes again – the Philippines’ national fruit. But the association of mango growers and the provincial government are again concerned of cecid fly infestation here.   Cecid fly resembles a bigger mosquito that attacks mango trees at night. They leave circular black marks on the mango fruit when they […]

TFNet and CABI to strengthen collaborations in 2018

International Tropical Fruits Network (TFNet) and Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI) held a meeting on 10 January 2018 at the TFNet headquarters to discuss possible collaborations on projects or activities.   The meeting was attended by 4 TFNet staff and 6 CABI staff, including TFNet CEO Dr. Desa Hassim and CABI Regional Director […]

INDIA: Malda mango shiver

Mango cultivators of Malda are apprehending a drop in production in the summer because of the current cold weather and intense fog.   The farmers said absence of sunshine raised the possibility of fungal attacks and impeded the maturation of flowers into fruits.   “We have been experiencing cold weather for the past couple of […]

CAMBODIA: Invasive fruit flies holding back mango exports

Cambodia’s mango shipments have been routinely blocked before making it to the international market, with the Ministry of Agriculture claiming the mangoes are not of a high enough quality to meet the sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) requirements necessary to ship outside of the Kingdom.     According to Hean Vanhan, director general at the General […]

INDIA: Adverse climate likely to bring down mango yield

The king of fruits mango is again expected to be more dearer in the coming season, due to severe damage caused to the mango flowering across the state. With the prevailing severe cold, snow and fog during the nights and increasing temperatures during the day, the mango flowering is subjected to damage.   The powdery […]

VIETNAM: Fruits of labor

After nine years of negotiations, good news came to Vietnam’s agriculture sector in September when dragon fruit hit shelves in Australia, making the country the first to be licensed to export fresh dragon fruit to the stringent market.   It represented a milestone in local dragon fruit conquering the world. The 600 boxes of about […]

R&D: Want to store that delicious mango pulp longer? Scientists may have a solution.

Scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur have developed a model to select the ideal combinations of temperature and pressure conditions to inactivate fruit-degrading enzymes during the processing of mango pulp.   It is hard to miss why the mango is considered the king of all fruits – its delectable taste, delicious aroma, and […]

USA: Avocado sales to China could more than double this year, boosted by demand from the middle class

Avocado sales to China are expected to more than double this year as demand continues to grow for the fruit from the country’s expanding middle-class population.   “It appears to just double every year, from what we’ve seen,” Steve Barnard, president of Oxnard, California-based Mission Produce, the world’s largest distributor of avocados. “It maybe more […]

KENYA: From broker to manufacturer – the juicy story of a fruits trader

A drive from Nairobi to Chuka is refreshing, especially for a first-time visitor, as one enjoys the spectacular views of hills yonder.   Then there is the sight of women selling ripe mangoes and bananas on the roadside whetting one’s appetite for a fresh, juicy fruit.     This is the norm in Chuka and […]

INDONESIA: Local dragon fruit a tasty treat for tourists

Banyuwangi in East Java is one of the nation’s main producers of dragon fruit, growing the fruit in a variety of ways, including organically, for tourists visiting the region.   At the foot of Gunung Raung lies Tegalarum village, which is known for its organic dragon fruit that is cultivated by farmers belonging to the […]