INDIA: Festival celebrates more than 150 varieties of banana

The festival is the first attempt by the Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA) to boost banana cultivation.   Thiruvananthapuram hosted the National Banana Festival on Sunday, in which over 150 varieties of the state’s favourite fruit were displayed. From south Kerala’s own Kappapazham (red banana) to Popolou, an exotic variety from […]

KENYA: Passion fruits open EU markets for Kitale farmer

Farmer Ephantus Mwangi in Kitale had not considered farming until he and his wife Pauline visited the Netherlands at the invitation of a Dutch couple with whom they worked on youth mentorship. Their passion was helping pregnant teens, young mothers and babies, and they set up a rescue home outside Kitale town.   Visiting that […]

AUSTRALIA: Dragon fruit farmers accused Federal Government of complete ignorance of trade deal fallout

Dragon fruit growers struggling to stay afloat have criticised the Federal Government for what they said is complete ignorance of the negative fallout from trade deals.   Marcus Karlsson is a second-generation farmer in the Northern Territory and his family were the first in the country to start producing dragon fruits.   He labelled this […]

RWANDA: New banana variety to enhance productivity

A new variety of highly productive banana plants will be distributed to farmers starting next month in a bid to improve banana production and fight disease in one of the priority crops in the country.   The move, under the government’s seven year programme which will come to an end in 2024, was announced last […]

VIETNAM: Fruit, vegetable exports up 37% in January

Vietnam earned some US$321 million from fruit and vegetable exports in January 2018, a year-on-year increase of 36.9 per cent, says the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).     China, Japan, the United States and the Republic of Korea remained the biggest importers of Vietnamese fruits and vegetables in the month. Other markets […]

TIPS: Growing citrus indoors takes patience, pays off handsomely

When Heather Rhoades bought her first indoor orange tree nearly 20 years ago, she had to order it from a specialty online retailer. Now, it’s not uncommon to find citrus trees at local gardening centers or big box stores, said Rhoades, owner of Gardening Know How, an online resource based in Bedford, Ohio.     […]

PAKISTAN: Mysterious blight mowing down date plantations

Unidentified virus has caused killing of date trees in Khairpur district, triggering a wave of panic among the date producers.   Information gathered from farmers and researchers associated with Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam, Agriculture Training Institute Sakrand and agriculture extension department revealed that nobody is capable enough, despite collecting soil samples from plant roots, to […]

FIJI: The mango love story

Have you ever stopped to think about the role food plays in romance, love and sex? Whether it’s giving a box of cream-centred dark chocolates, a whole grilled lobster, a sizzling plate of head-on prawns or the juicy deliciousness of certain fruits — food nearly always sets the tone for an amorous encounter. Few human […]

STUDY: Citrus Genomics, Phylogenetics Traces Fruits’ Origins

A genomic analysis of some 60 citrus accessions has upended previously proposed taxonomic classifications.     Researchers led by the US Department of Energy’s Joint Genome Institute’s Guohong Albert Wu sequenced 30 citrus fruit genomes and compared them to previously sequenced genomes to unravel the genealogy and evolutionary history of citrus. As they reported in […]

INDIA: Officials devise plan to promote guava cultivation

The provincial agriculture department has chalked out a plan to promote guava fruit cultivation in selected districts of the province.     The concept of the programme was to expand cultivation of guava fruit on large scale. If successful, the programme would be replicated in other districts of the Punjab.   The agriculture officials said […]

STUDY: The sweet and sour story of citrus

From sweet oranges to sour lemons, all citrus fruit traces its roots to the southeast foothills of the Himalaya, says an international team of scientists.     Fruits of the genus Citrus are among the most commonly grown worldwide, yet the group’s origins have been elusive. To investigate, Manuel Talon at the Valencian Institute of […]

CAMBODIA: First fruit processing facility built

South Korea’s Hyundai Corporation Group have broken ground on a three-hectare facility in Phnom Srouch district, Cambodia. This will be the first processing plant of its kind in the country, opening up new market access direct from Cambodia.   The facility will also support Hyndai and Mao Legacy Co Ltd’s 2,400 hectares of surrounding mango […]