INDONESIA: Nutritionist debunks biggest myth about durian

Many consider durian a high-cholesterol fruit hence choose to avoid it at all costs. But this opinion is only a myth, according to a nutritionist at Pondok Indah Hospital, Dr. Diana Suganda SpGK.   As reported by on Monday, Diana said 100 grams of durian flesh actually contains 0 mg of cholesterol, in addition […]

VIETNAM: Fruit trucks stuck at Chinese border

Up to 400-500 fruit-carrying trucks loaded with watermelons, dragon fruit, bananas and mangoes have arrived at the border gate each day; while China has allowed only around 250 trucks per day because of storage issues, leading to a 5 to 6-kilometre tailback at the border gate area.   Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nong Quang Tam, head […]

New book discusses how to achieve sustainable mango cultivation

Burleigh Dodds Science (BDS) Publishing, the newest Associate Member of TFNet, has released a book on “Achieving Sustainable Cultivation of Mangoes.” It is edited by Dr. Victor Galán Saúco, Instituto Canario de Investigaciones Agrarias (ICIA), Spain and Dr. Ping Lu, Charles Darwin University, Australia.     Matt De Bono, Marketing Manager for BDS Publishing, describes […]

TFNet welcomes BDS Publishing as new Associate Member

Burleigh Dodds Science (BDS) Publishing recently joined TFNet as an Associate Member.     It is a new “climate smart” publisher that builds a database of review chapters, each written by a leading expert, which systematically covers major crop varieties and each step in the value chain for their production: from breeding to harvest.   […]

Interesting durian recipes

Durian is one of the most popular fruits in Southeast Asia. While most people like eating it fresh, the “king of fruits” can be prepared into interesting dishes.   Here are some classic and innovative durian recipes that you can try at home.   Durian Crepe (Recipe by QL Chef,   The sweet and creamy […]

KENYA: Passion fruit farming set for better times ahead

The prospects of passion fruit farming in Kenya could change for the better if plans to upgrade the fruit into a major horticultural crop are adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture.   This is after details emerged that the country’s production of the crop has been on the decline for the past decade in which […]

MEXICO: Jackfruit Mexico switches to 100% dried product

Harvesting kicks off this week for Yucatán Peninsula-based Jackfruit Mexico in the company’s first season dedicated solely to dehydrated product, plugging into the booming trend for the fruit as a vegan alternative to meat. The campaign also fits nicely with the Tulum Veg Fest this weekend where the company will be exhibiting and hosting workshops […]

MALAYSIA: Cold spell to affect pomelo harvest

With the current cold spell and the incessant rain destroying flowers on pomelo trees, farmers fear that this may affect this year’s harvest.   With rainy days starting even before the start of 2018, consumers are told to expect fewer fruits during harvest in six months’ time.     At the Go Chin Pomelo Nature […]

INDIA: University develops fruit fly trap for different fruits

Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) developed a PAU Fruit Fly Trap — an eco-friendly technology for the management of fruit flies in kinnow, guava, mango, pear, peach, and plum. Different types of fruits too were developed by the team, and some of them invented seedless fruits of mixed breed.     Entomologist Dr Navtej Bains (HOD) […]

INDIA: Guava from mango belt back in business

Guava has managed to hold its own ground in Lucknow’s mango belt. Several new varieties have been developed and the near-extinct, indigenous varieties from the region are back in business. The reason being that varieties from Lucknow are fast gaining ground in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra and west UP. Farmers in Malihabad are growing these […]

SAUDI ARABIA: Food authority bans import of Egyptian guava

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has decided to temporarily ban imports of fresh, frozen and manufactured guava from Egypt due to pesticide residues proved to be higher than the global limit, the Saudi Press Agency reported.     The temporary ban will come into effect on Thursday, Jan. 18, and will continue until […]

SINGAPORE: Durian-themed cafe smells winning combination

An eatery here centred on the tropical fruit durian has caught a whiff of success as patrons flock to the cafe in droves for a bite of its exotic offerings.   The spiky fruit long regarded as a delicacy in South-East Asia has left a divisive trail – you either love it or hate it […]