TFNet welcomes BDS Publishing as new Associate Member

Burleigh Dodds Science (BDS) Publishing recently joined TFNet as an Associate Member.



It is a new “climate smart” publisher that builds a database of review chapters, each written by a leading expert, which systematically covers major crop varieties and each step in the value chain for their production: from breeding to harvest.


“The information published in our books should be of great value to TFNet members,” according to Matt De Bono, Marketing Manager for BDS Publishing. “Our publications cover a wide variety of crops, including some focusing specifically on tropical fruit and we believe others working with TFNet will be interested [in our books].”


The published titles focus on the need for a more ‘climate smart’ agriculture that can improve yields more sustainably, the need for a holistic approach that take improvements in both breeding and cultivation practices, and the particular need to support both large producers and smallholders in major crop-producing countries in the developing world. The reviews of research in each chapter will help researchers plan and coordinate future research projects more effectively.


For tropical fruits, BDS Publishing has released “Achieving sustainable cultivation of mangoes” edited by Dr. Victor Galán Saúco, Instituto Canario de Investigaciones Agrarias (ICIA), Spain and Dr. Ping Lu, Charles Darwin University, Australia.



As summarized by De Bono:

Mangoes are one of the most important and widely-cultivated fruits in tropical as well as sub-tropical regions. There have been a number of recent developments with the potential to improve crop yields and quality. There has been new research in understanding the physiology of tree and fruit development with implications for both breeding and cultivation. Analysis of the mango genome promises new, faster breeding techniques to develop improved cultivars. These and other advances are helping to tackle diseases and pests which still cause significant losses. Drawing on an international range of expertise, this new collection focuses on ways of improving the cultivation of mango as a food crop at each step in the value chain, from breeding through to post-harvest storage. Part 1 discusses advances in understanding tree growth, flowering, pollination and fruit development as well as developments in marker-assisted breeding. Part 2 reviews improvements in cultivation practice, including organic and greenhouse cultivation. Part 3 covers post-harvest management and quality, whilst the final part of the book assesses pest and disease management.


You can read more about the book at .


In the Autumn, Burleigh Dodds will also publish a new volume on “Achieving sustainable cultivation of bananasedited by Dr. Gert Kema, Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands and Prof. Andre Drenth, University of Queensland, Australia.



For more information about other titles, visit their website at


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