INDIA: Mango production for 2018 sees fall

The financial year 2016-17 saw some of its highest mango yields in recent years with a production of 9,545 tonnes being reported by the state’s agriculture department. However, this season, the overall mango produce is expected to reap poor results with farmers in various parts of the state reporting nearly 20% lesser crop compared to last year. They have attributed the reasons for the same to climatic conditions that led to late fruiting of the crop.

“Figures, so far, indicate there has been only about 60-70% yield, but most of it was because of late-bearing mango varieties. Many of them are still being plucked. Once all of these are harvested, the final picture of the total produce will be clear. For now, farmers have reported 15-20% less crop in Sanguem as well as parts of Bardez indicating it was on the lower side as compared to last year,” said agriculture director Nelson Figueredo.

“The climate was not in favour of our crops’ production this time. Unseasonal rain that has been lashing the state since last month destroyed much of the produce,” said a farmer.

Weather parameters aside, there was a problem of fruit-flies in the middle of the season that affected ripe fruits, said principal scientist (horticulture), A R Desai from Old-Goa-based ICAR-CCARI. While the period for early-bearing varieties like the Mancurad, Xavier and Goan Alphonso are already over, farmers are now harvesting late varieties like the Mangilar and Fernandin.

Those from neighbouring states like the Ratnagiri Alphonso, Mallika from Hyderabad, Kesar from Pune and Totapuri from Bengaluru markets are also slowly receding from the local market as the seasonal fruit winds up for the year.

“The initial part of the season was very bleak but later varieties that came in, sort of, made up for it. Overall, this time, the season may have been a bit reasonable but there was not much profit from the mango fruit business,” said fruit vendor Nisar Nandihaldi.

Source: Nida Sayed, Times of India

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