Among the activities of TFNet are to:

  • strengthen data collection and analyses, documentation and dissemination of information on tropical fruits;
  • improve awareness and understanding of the tropical fruit markets;
  • monitor impacts of regional and international agreements on production and trade policies;
  • promote research and development of technologies of eco-regional importance;
  • conduct seminars and workshops,
  • strengthen linkages between tropical fruit producers and consumers; and
  • encourage financing and investment in tropical fruits sector.


Key Accomplishments of TFNet

Since 2000, TFNet has carried out various activities to pursue its mandate in the areas of capacity building, information exchange, studies and consultancies.


1. Information Exchange

•  Setting up of TFNet Information Portal & website
- includes fruit compendium, experts list and discussion forum. In 2008, web portal was upgraded to include more comprehensive fruit information, blog and resource persons list.

•  Collaborated in the establishment of portal on information pertaining to the 10 prioritized Malaysian Fruits.

•  The setting up of a ‘Global Information System on tropical fruits with special focus on Africa’ which was funded by CFC. This is available in English and French.

•  The dissemination of information through E-newsletters to members and stakeholders


2. International Seminars

Series of international seminar had been organized, each on a different focus on tropical and subtropical fruits.

•  International technical and trade seminar on Tropical and subtropical fruits (2001)

•  International seminar on Postharvest Handling and Processing of Tropical and subtropical fruits (2003)

•  International seminar on Economics and Marketing of Tropical and subtropical fruits (2007)

•  International seminar on Consumer Trends and Export of Tropical and Subtropical Fruits (2008)

•  International seminar on Recent Developments in the Production, Post harvest Management and Trade of Minor Tropical Fruits (2009)


3. International Study Tours

•  Since 2004, twice a year study tours and hands-on workshops on fruit/food processing have been organized for entrepreneurs and government agencies to East Java, Indonesia.

•  Study tours have been organized for entrepreneurs, extension agents and researchers from Indonesia and Malaysia to fruit farms, wholesale markets and food processing centers in Thailand.


4. Other Workshops

•  The Transfer of Global Information System on Tropical Fruits with Special Focus on Africa – funded by CFC

•  International Study Visit cum Workshop on Post Harvest Handling and Processing of Tropical and Subtropical Fruits – funded by IDB

•  Training Courses on GAP and Plant & Soil Nutrition


5. Studies and Consultancies

•  Country study on Elements of Strategies and Action Plan for Sustainable Development of Tropical Fruit Industry. Studies done on 4 countries – Bangladesh, Fiji, Malaysia and Philippines and all studies funded by FAO

•  On-Farm Conservation and Utilization of Traditional Fruit Species in Malaysia – TFNet, MARDI, DOA, UKM

•  Technical Assistance for a Three-Year Joint Collaborative Project on Post-harvest Handling and Processing of Fruits in Syrian Arab Republic

•  Study of Plant Variety Protection Testing of Tropical Fruits in Eight Asian Countries – funded by GTZ

•  Competitiveness study for 6 fruit and 3 vegetable types in five South East Asian countries (joint study with Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute)

•  Consultancy on East Coast Economic Region Integrated Pineapple Project in the South West Pahang, Malaysia (Districts of Pekan and Rompin)