INFOGRAPH: Friday Fruit Facts (#016) – Lychee

It is said that a romance between an ancient beauty and the emperor of China has led to the decline of a dynasty. This tragic romance then became the inspiration for the famous poem “The Song of Everlasting Sorrow”. In today’s Friday Fruit Facts, we travel beyond time to explore one of #China’s greatest treasure, […]

FEATURE: Fiji’s new Green Pearl guava is sweet, crisp, and nutritious

On 25 September 2017, The Fijian Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with Taiwan Technical Mission introduced the Green Pearl guava variety to the local market. Minister Inia Seruiratu of the Ministry of Agriculture Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Management officially launched the variety.     “Daily consumption of fruit and vegetables is important […]

INFOGRAPH – Friday Fruit Facts (#015) – Starfruit

This fruit is a symbol of spirituality in Javanese culture. It’s five-point star shape symbolizes the five points in spirituality and is called the pancasila (panca meaning five and sila meaning attitude). This refers to the five taboos in life: Madat (smoking opium), Mabok (intoxication), Main (gambling), Maling (theft), and Madon (adultery). For this week’s […]

INFOGRAPH – Friday Fruit Facts (#014) – Breadfruit

Touted by some as “the fruit with the potential to feed the world”, this fruit has seen its share of ups and downs. From the inspiration for a hit song in Jamaica to being tossed overboard during a mutiny, this week’s Friday Fruit Facts is the humble breadfruit.   CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

INFOGRAPH – Friday Fruit Facts (#013) – Guava

In this week’s Friday Fruit Facts, we rave about the native of South America, the versatile and nutritious guava which is touted as a superfruit.   CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

INFOGRAPH – Friday Fruit Facts (#012) – Acerola

Size does not matter when it comes to this tiny ruby-like fruit. The acerola is a powerhouse for Vitamin C. Find out more about it in this week’s Friday Fruit Facts.   CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

INFOGRAPH – Friday Fruit Facts (#011) – Wild Durian

Did you know that the #durian fruit is the frequent answer to many #riddles in folklore?   In Lampung, southern #Sumatra: “Ditjuluk sakik, dikanik bangik” “It is painful to the touch (the spines); it is delicious to the taste (the aril)”). In Minangkabau : “Ambi duri, bapaga duri, sarugo didalam, narako diluwa” (“His name is […]

INFOGRAPH – Friday Fruit Facts (#010) – Hala Fruit

For this week’s Friday Fruit Facts, let’s take a dip into the warm waters of the Pacific and savor the beauty of the hala fruit. All hail the hala!   CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

INFOGRAPH – Friday Fruit Facts (#009) – Tamarind

The #tamarind is deeply intertwined into the fabric of South Asian society, be it from its use in food culture to religious reverence. Even the famed poet Rabindranath Tagore was awed by the tamarind tree that it became part of his literary inspiration. For this week’s Friday Fruit Facts, we walk along the rich history […]

INFOGRAPH – Friday Fruit Facts (#008) – Dabai

Sarawak is a land of abundance, rich in its biodiversity of flora and fauna, many of which are not found in other parts of the world. For this week’s Friday Fruit Facts we celebrate one of Sarawak’s native treasure, the dabai fruit which is found naturally along the Rajang River basin.   CLICK IMAGE TO […]

INFOGRAPH – Friday Fruit Facts (#007) – Miracle Fruit

According to the wise words of the legendary rock band Queen, “We’re having a miracle on earth, mother nature does it all for us”, and so she blessed us with the miracle fruit. Enjoy the miracle for this week’s Friday Fruit Facts!   CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

INFOGRAPH – Friday Fruit Facts (#006) – Jackfruit

You think you know jack? Well… for this week’s Friday Fruit Facts, find out how well-versed you are with the jack of all fruits – the jackfruit.   CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE