Ramadan: Spruce up your diet with tropical fruits

TFNet’s Project Officer, Arifurrahman Rusman, offers insights into the necessity of creating healthier Ramadan diets through the inclusion of a variety of tropical fruits.   It’s been almost 2 weeks since Ramadan began. While dates and watermelons are highly favored for that quick burst of energy and quenching of thirst, why don’t we add more [...]

The Global Banana Ruckus – Face off with the Fusarium Wilt

by Dorothy Chandrabalan   The global banana industry, valued at $36 billion is facing its greatest enemy in the form of the Banana Fusarium Wilt disease, colloquially known as the ‘Panama disease’. The destructive fungus infects the roots of banana plants causing the wilting of its leaves. In 2016, the Food and Agriculture Organization of [...]

Fruitful All Over: a tribute to TFNet

A poem by Dr. Arturo M. Alegado, Dean, Bataan Peninsula State University   During the gathering of fruit enthusiasts With a group of minds having the same insights In the promotion of fruit all throughout To produce fruits, the best food of life.   With the Philfruit Association Symposium Various ideas were unveiled and known [...]

Jackfruit finds a company

by Shree Padre, Kannur   After studying India’s scattered jackfruit industry for more than a year, Subhash Koroth, 32, finally decided to take the plunge. This May, he invested Rs 1 crore of his own money and started India’s first formal jackfruit company, Artocarpus Foods Pvt. Ltd., at Taliparamb, near Kannur, in Kerala.   The company [...]

PHOTOS: Delicious Vietnamese fruit for export

Source: Vietnam Net                           

PHOTOS: Processed jackfruit products

by Shree Padre   1. Pathanamthitta CARD KVK has standardized a dozen technologies for value addition of jackfruits. Out of this 3 are very important – Dehydration of Tender Jack Fruit, Unripe Jackfruit & Seed. These are called primary processing methods. Once JF is primary processed, it can be straightaway used for culinary preparations or [...]

Banana Fusarium Wilt: Return of the Catastrophic Plant Disease

Based on a presentation by Dr. Altus Viljoen during the TFNet Workshop on ‘Enhancing Market Access for Tropical Fruits in East Africa and GCC Countries through Quality Improvement, Proper Post Harvest Handling and Pest and Disease Management’ in Khartoum, Sudan on 4-5 March 2015.   Half a century ago, the global banana industry was on [...]

India’s Unique Treasure: Red Fleshed Jackfruit

‘Toobugere Jackfruit Growers Association’ of  Karnataka , India, is the only jackfruit farmers’ organisation of our country. Located in Bangalore Rural district, about an hour’s drive from Bangalore city, this association was formed by University of Agriculture Sciences, Bangalore.  Members of the association take part in jack festivals in different parts of Karnataka and sell [...]

Research Needs to Align with Commercial Practice: Alternative Concept for Market Access Protocol

The main challenges in developing tropical fruit for the export market are to ensure availability throughout most of the year for seasonal fruits, and to produce quality products that are in compliance to market access protocols of the importing countries.     As the consumer demand for horticultural products increases and there is an expectation [...]

Strategy for Combating Fusarium Wilt in Bananas through Conventional Breeding, GMOs and Cultivation Techniques

Currently banana is grown on an area of 300,000 ha in China, with Guangdong province topping the list with about 120,000 ha. China’s banana industry is built on the Cavendish variety which, occupies more than 90% of planted area. The Giant Cavendish clone ‘Baxi’ is the most popular variety, occupying more than 70% of Cavendish [...]

Lychee production in Vietnam

The Lychee (Litchi chinensis) is cultivated in China, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Australia, Mexico and South Africa. China is the main producer of the fruit.   In Vietnam, lychee is produced at an estimated area of 80,000 hectares. The main growing areas are in the Luc Ngan district, Bac [...]

Rose apple: crunchy and refreshing tropical fruit

The name rose apple may refer to any of the following fruits in the Syzygium species, such as Syzygium aqueum, S. jambos, S. malaccense, and S. samarangense. Like other fruits named “apple”, the rose apple does not resemble the apple fruit.  “Rose apple” might be derived from the fruit’s taste: rose water with a hint [...]