ISSUE 13 – December 2014

The December issue features on a consultation workshop on "Prevention and Management of Fusarium Wilt Disease of banana" held at the FAO Headquarters in Rome and a workshop on "Supply Chain and Marketing of Agricultural Crops" held in Myanmar.

Other highlights include:

  • AUSTRALIA: Sweet pickings for Central Queensland tropical fruit farmer as lychee harvest begins
  • INDONESIA: Local startup builds real-life ‘Farmville’
  • RWANDA: Rewarding refugee women through commercial farming
  • CAMBODIA: Double Mango Harvest Draws Overseas Interest
  • CHILE: Irrigation mitigates effects of drought in avocados


ISSUE 12 – October 2014

The October issue features the paper on Research Needs to Align with Commercial Practice: Alternative Concept for Market Access Protocol and Strategy for Combating Fusarium Wilt in Bananas through Conventional Breeding, GMOs and Cultivation Techniques.

Other highlights include:

  • PHILIPPINES: Banana buying price drops
  • NIGERIA: Guava, Bitter Leaf Protect Against Diabetes Complications
  • VIETNAM: UK firm tours longan plantations in search of suppliers
  • ASEAN: Integration to affect durian farming
  • BRAZIL: Emergency plan carried out to eradicate fly carambola

ISSUE 11 – October 2014

The October issue features the side event on "Mitigating and Adaptation Measures for the Control of Banana Fusarium Wilt TR4, including the successful development of Resistant Cultivars" organized by TFNet, FAO, and BAPNET during the 70th session of the Committee on Commodity Problems in Rome. Reports on the workshop on "Increasing production and market access for tropical fruits in Vietnam" and the memorandum of understanding between TFNet and the Centre of Intergrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP) are also featured.

Other highlights include:

  • MALAYSIA: Pre-harvest calcium chloride reduce post-harvest anthracnose incidence on papaya
  • INDIA: Banana growers reel under pest attack
  • COSTA RICA: 150 producers develop seven new products from Rambutan
  • SPAIN: High temperatures boost cherimoya campaign
  • COLOMBIA: Taiwan seeks bilateral market access for exotic fruits


ISSUE 10 – August 2014

The August issue reports on the TFNet symposium on "Developing research to enhance market demand and profitability of tropical fruits" held in Putrajaya, Malaysia and the 8th session of the TFNet Board of Trustees.

Other highlights include:

  • FIJI: New Fiji Agricultural Journal released by MOA
  • BANGLADESH: Drastic price fall frustrates guava farmers
  • CUBA: Locally-grown pineapples seduce European markets
  • MYANMAR: Local mangoes set to crack Korean market
  • GAMBIA: Mango out growers’ total income hits over D2M in 2014


ISSUE 9 – July 2014

The July issue includes an announcement on the TFNet Symposium on "Developing research to enhance market demand and profitability of tropical fruits." It also includes a feature on lychee production in Vietnam and two study tours of Bangladesh officials to Malaysia.

Other highlights include:

  • MALAYSIA: Durian feast raises $50,507
  • SRI LANKA: Company plans USD 1.2M worth of fruit projects
  • PARAGUAY: Plan to export watermelon, melon, and potato to Spain
  • NEW ZEALAND: Avocado programme up and running
  • NICARAGUA: bananas imported again by El Salvador and Honduras


ISSUE 8 – June 2014

The June issue features the sub-regional workshop on "New Technologies for the sustainability of Mango Production and the Potential Tropical Fruits in the Dry Areas of the Arabian Peninsula" co-organized by TFNet with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and FAO. The issue also includes an in-depth article on rose apple.

Other highlights include:

  • CHINA: Taiwan unveils new variety of guava
  • PHILIPPINES: National council for dragon fruit organized
  • CAMBODIA: Longans longing for storage
  • COLOMBIA: Scientists enhance yellow dragonfruit regeneration
  • EU: Indian mango ban to counter pests


ISSUE 7 – May 2014

The May issue higlights the annoucement by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to update the data on nutrient values of tropical fruits in the FAO/INFOODS Density Database v 2.0.

Other highlights include:

  • KSA date palm researchers visit Malaysia, review adaptable oil palm tech
  • INDIA: Summer showers save mangosteen, nutmeg crops
  • MALAYSIA: 60% drop in local fruit production sees prices go up
  • THAILAND: Facebook page launch to sell the ‘king of fruit’
  • PERU: Starfruit hectarage triples in last thirteen years


ISSUE 6 – April 2014

The sixth issue features an in-depth article on soursop, the therapeutic values of superfruits, and the launch of ‘Fiji Red’ papaya seeds by the Nature’s Way Cooperative in Fiji.

Other highlights include:

  • VIETNAM: US patents on fragrant rice, dragon fruit approved
  • AUSTRALIA: Cyclone Ita caused “minimal banana crop losses”, says ABGC
  • USA: Fungus threatening Florida’s avocado crop
  • DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Pineapple growers look to export 120 containers weekly
  • FAO urges countries to combat banana disease


ISSUE 5 – April 2014

The fifth issue features the International Workshop on "Reduction of Postharvest Losses in Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chains," which was organized by the Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP).

Other highlights include:

  • AUSTRALIA: Biosecurity regulations prevent entry of citrus disease
  • INDIA: Tech turns pineapple into powder
  • PAKISTAN: Mango exporters see EU ban on India as a lesson
  • SOUTH AFRICA: Bananas can relieve depression
  • TANZANIA: 7000 banana stems destroyed to prevent spread of disease


ISSUE 4 – March 2014

The fourth issue features the study visit of Saudi Arabia officials of fruit development programmes in Malaysia. It also includes an article on The dabai story: experience in commercializing an underutilized fruit, which was presented at the "International Symposium: Myth or Truth."

Other highlights include:

  • SURVEY: Postharvest quality and management of dragon fruits exported from Vietnam to Holland
  • BANGLADESH: Watermelon farming faces dearth of sweet water
  • AUSTRALIA: Heat ruins WA’s southern mango crop
  • KENYA: Passion fruit farmers to reap big from new varieties
  • PERU: Mango exports going strong


ISSUE 3 – March 2014

The third issue features articles on papers presented at the "International Symposium: Myth or Truth", mainly Malaysian Carambola: from a rising star to a global leader and Bioactive compounds of several major tropical and subtropical fruits in China.

Other highlights include:

  • MALAYSIA: Government plans to increase fruit exports to China
  • NIGERIA: Moderate Consumption Of Banana Reduces The Risk Of Kidney Cancer – Nutritionist
  • BRAZIL: Scientists developing automobile parts out of fruit fibers
  • MEXICO: Hass avocado production increases 200-fold in 15 years
  • UK: Malaysian durian now available in markets


ISSUE 2 – February 2014

The February issue features the study visit organized by TFNet for officers from the Department of Horticulture, Indonesia to the Southern Horticultural Research Center in Vietnam.

It also features articles on papers presented at the "International Symposium: Myth or Truth", mainly Superfruits: Marketing Gimmick or Science-Based? and Supply and Demand Trends in the Global Superfruit Market.

Other highlights include:

  • FIJI: Test facility boosts export
  • PHILIPPINES: USDA to allow import of Philippine bananas
  • THAILAND: Fruit prices likely to increase during Chinese New Year
  • MEXICO: Gov’t amends measures to protect bananas from moko disease
  • COLUMBIA: Regional govt slates US$6M for avocado development



ISSUE 1 – January 2014

The maiden issue of the Newsfeed includes the announcement for the iFresh Shanghai Fru&Veg Expo, which is supported by TFNet.

Other highlights include:

  • NIGERIA: Plantain extract treats ulcers, diabetes
  • INDONESIA: Govt to double import of fruit, vegetables in H1
  • INDIA: Climate change comes calling at Kerala’s ‘mango city’
  • VIETNAM: Fruit farmers prepare for Lunar New Year
  • PHILIPPINES: Fruit vendors feel Typhoon Haiyan’s brunt