AUSTRALIA: Avocado prices stable

A Manjimup avocado export company representative has spoken out against reports predicting a drop in avocado prices, saying the price would likely stay stable throughout summer. Advanced Packing and Marketing Services managing director Jennie Franceschi said she was surprised by comments from former Avocados Australia CEO Antony Allen. Mrs Franceschi said it was likely that […]

AUSTRALIA: New trial to investigate if mangosteen can improve schizophrenia symptoms

Geelong researchers are calling on people with schizophrenia to take part in an innovative trial investigating whether a tropical fruit extract can improve symptoms.   The trial uses the rind of the mangosteen, consumed in a capsule form, to compliment existing conventional medications in the hope of achieving full, functional recovery.   The trail, which […]

AUSTRALIA: GM banana shows promise against deadly fungus strain

A field trial in Australia has shown that genetically modified banana trees can resist the deadly fungus that causes Panama disease, which has devastated banana crops in Asia, Africa, and Australia and is a major threat for banana growers in the Americas. The transgenic plants might reach some farmers in as few as 5 years, […]

AUSTRALIA: Mango fiesta makes return

Contagious mango fever is heavy in the air as Broome residents and visitors enjoy an extra-large juicy yellow slice of the Broome Mango Festival later this month.     The November 23-26 fruit-worshipping fiesta is organised by the Lions Club of Broome, with attendees relishing the chance to attend music events, try mango products and […]

AUSTRALIA: Genetic modification may save USD12bn banana industry

A multibillion-dollar banana industry at risk of a deadly disease could be saved by genetic modification that created a line of bananas resistant to Fusarium wilt tropical race 4, also known as Panama disease. Researchers at Queensland University of Technology genetically modified Cavendish bananas using a gene found in a south-east Asian banana subspecies that […]

AUSTRALIA: Christmas mango shortage likely for WA, but all good for New Year

An early finish to the Kimberley and Northern Territory mango seasons could see a shortage of mangoes on shelves in Western Australia (WA) this Christmas.   The mango harvest in WA’s Ord Irrigation Scheme wrapped up almost three weeks early, coinciding with an early finish for Katherine growers and some Darwin orchards as well.   […]

AUSTRALIA: Avocado lovers set to clean up as fruit numbers smash record

Australia’s favourite breakfast smash could soon become cheaper to come by with a record harvest tipped for the industry.   And local growers look set to avoid the brunt of any price changes as global consumption continues to drive significant improvements in grower returns.     The nation’s peak avocado body is forecasting an abundant […]