TIPS: Growing citrus indoors takes patience, pays off handsomely

When Heather Rhoades bought her first indoor orange tree nearly 20 years ago, she had to order it from a specialty online retailer. Now, it’s not uncommon to find citrus trees at local gardening centers or big box stores, said Rhoades, owner of Gardening Know How, an online resource based in Bedford, Ohio.     […]

STUDY: Citrus Genomics, Phylogenetics Traces Fruits’ Origins

A genomic analysis of some 60 citrus accessions has upended previously proposed taxonomic classifications.     Researchers led by the US Department of Energy’s Joint Genome Institute’s Guohong Albert Wu sequenced 30 citrus fruit genomes and compared them to previously sequenced genomes to unravel the genealogy and evolutionary history of citrus. As they reported in […]

STUDY: The sweet and sour story of citrus

From sweet oranges to sour lemons, all citrus fruit traces its roots to the southeast foothills of the Himalaya, says an international team of scientists.     Fruits of the genus Citrus are among the most commonly grown worldwide, yet the group’s origins have been elusive. To investigate, Manuel Talon at the Valencian Institute of […]

LIFESTYLE: Healthy recipes from fruit scraps

When you’re cooking up a broccoli casserole or juicing a watermelon, you’re probably tossing the stem or the rind. But you might want to hold onto those scraps for a bit longer, because you can use them in surprising ways. It turns out that what you consider useless food scraps are actually loaded with high-quality […]