MEXICO: New dragonfruit variety causes a frenzy

“It looks like brains!” I said, peeling back the skin of my very first pitaya — a variety of dragonfruit grown in Mexico and Central America — in the small Jalisco town of Techaluta.   We were there to pick up the López family’s pitaya harvest and take it on the hour-and-a-half drive back to […]

BANGLADESH: Dragon fruit being commercially farmed in Narsingdi

Dragon fruit is being commercially farmed in Shibpur upazila of Narsingdi district, after the successful cultivation of rambutan and malta.   For the first time in Bangladesh, dragon fruit is commercially being cultivated in a large area of land.     Shibpur UP Chairman Ariful Islam Mridha is commercially farming dragon fruits on 2.8 acres […]

BANGLADESH: BARI successfully develops year-round dragon fruit

Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) has recently successfully developed year-round dragon fruit in the country by using artificial lighting.   BARI held a workshop at Pahartoli of Khulshi in Chattogram on Saturday over the success of the institute where its Director General Dr Abul Kalam Azad was present as chief guest.   Normally the dragon […]

INDONESIA: Dragonfruit and rambutan season begins in Central Sulawesi

Farmers in a number of villages in Parigi Moutong regency, Central Sulawesi, are currently entering the season for dragonfruit and rambutan.   Nyoman Artana, a resident of Suli Village, Sausu Sub-district, on Tuesday said the dragon fruit and rambutan fruit harvest in the area is quite good and is greeted with a cheerful price in […]

VIETNAM: Fruits of labor

After nine years of negotiations, good news came to Vietnam’s agriculture sector in September when dragon fruit hit shelves in Australia, making the country the first to be licensed to export fresh dragon fruit to the stringent market.   It represented a milestone in local dragon fruit conquering the world. The 600 boxes of about […]