ECUADOR: 2017 was their worst year for banana exports to the US

2017 was the lowest year in banana exports to the United States. In 2010, Ecuador sent 21.17% of its production to that country, but in 2017 sales to that market only accounted for 9.75% of its production. The US market share had never been so low for bananas, according to a report by the Association […]

ECUADOR: Weather dampens mango volumes

Ecuador’s mango production so far this season is currently close to half what it was at the same time last year, with the decline attributed to poor weather conditions.   Up until week 45 the country had a year-on-year production deficit of nearly 4 million boxes, largely resulting from low light conditions in growing areas. […]

ECUADOR: Ministry and banana producers establish a road map

The first Banana Technical Table, led by the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Ruben Flores, established a twelve-point road map to benefit the sector.   Representatives of the producers and exporters of the fruit participated in the meeting.     They agreed to work on the following points: port fees in Puerto Bolivar, reforms to […]