CHINA: Peruvian flame mangoes a welcome arrival

Leading Peruvian supplier Camposol has teamed up with Dole China to introduce a line of Kent mangoes to the Chinese market.   Branded under the name Peruvian Flame Mangoes, the fruit entered the Asian nation in the lead-up to Chinese New Year celebrations. Dole is distributing the fruit through offline retail channels such as Olé […]

INDONESIA: Mangoes, dragon fruit to enter Australian market

Indonesia will soon export mangoes and dragon fruit to Australia, a decision made during the 21st meeting of the Working Group on Agriculture, Food and Forestry Cooperation (WGAFFC) between Australia and Indonesia, held in Melbourne from Feb. 14 to 15.     The Agriculture Ministry’s Agriculture Quarantine Agency head, Banun Harpini, who acted as cochair […]

AUSTRALIA: Importing ‘mango madness’

Queensland mango farmers are “scratching their heads” over a trade deal that will see the first trays of mangoes arrive from Indonesia, putting them in direct competition with the local harvest.   Indonesian media are reporting the country will soon begin exporting mangoes and dragon fruit to Australia, “a decision made during the 21st meeting […]

INDIA: Hot spell puts Alphonso mangoes at sunburn risk

The sudden rise in temperature over the last few days has exposed the much-loved Alphonso mangoes to the risk of sunburn and fruit dropping.   Mango growers said that the heat spell has come a little early this year, with day temperatures soaring above 35 degrees C in Ratnagiri.     Significant fruit dropping during […]

SOUTH AFRICA: Stricter oversight of mango loving pest

The South African government is strengthening the regulatory framework to prevent and combat the spread of the Oriental fruit fly within the country.   The Department of Agriculture‚ Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) is alerting individuals‚ municipal authorities‚ traditional authorities‚ community members‚ farmers‚ fruit and vegetables industries and universities about amended Control Measures which have been […]

FIJI: The mango love story

Have you ever stopped to think about the role food plays in romance, love and sex? Whether it’s giving a box of cream-centred dark chocolates, a whole grilled lobster, a sizzling plate of head-on prawns or the juicy deliciousness of certain fruits — food nearly always sets the tone for an amorous encounter. Few human […]

New book discusses how to achieve sustainable mango cultivation

Burleigh Dodds Science (BDS) Publishing, the newest Associate Member of TFNet, has released a book on “Achieving Sustainable Cultivation of Mangoes.” It is edited by Dr. Victor Galán Saúco, Instituto Canario de Investigaciones Agrarias (ICIA), Spain and Dr. Ping Lu, Charles Darwin University, Australia.     Matt De Bono, Marketing Manager for BDS Publishing, describes […]

PARAGUAY: Mangoes go from street rubbish to delicacy

From September to December, Paraguay’s capital, Asuncion, is a riot of colour, with yellow or reddish mangoes hanging from trees and lapacho trees displaying purple or white flowers. But until a few years ago, those splendid colours were also an annoyance, meaning that the streets would soon be littered with the remains of millions of […]

CAMBODIA: Invasive fruit flies holding back mango exports

Cambodia’s mango shipments have been routinely blocked before making it to the international market, with the Ministry of Agriculture claiming the mangoes are not of a high enough quality to meet the sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) requirements necessary to ship outside of the Kingdom.     According to Hean Vanhan, director general at the General […]

R&D: Want to store that delicious mango pulp longer? Scientists may have a solution.

Scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur have developed a model to select the ideal combinations of temperature and pressure conditions to inactivate fruit-degrading enzymes during the processing of mango pulp.   It is hard to miss why the mango is considered the king of all fruits – its delectable taste, delicious aroma, and […]

ECUADOR: Weather dampens mango volumes

Ecuador’s mango production so far this season is currently close to half what it was at the same time last year, with the decline attributed to poor weather conditions.   Up until week 45 the country had a year-on-year production deficit of nearly 4 million boxes, largely resulting from low light conditions in growing areas. […]

MALAYSIA: Govt to allocate RM1m to develop Perlis harumanis mango industry

The Perlis harumanis mango will be even sweeter in the future with the injection of RM1 million by the government to develop the industry.   Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek said the allocation was for drainage and planting of the trees as well as other logistics needed to increase the productivity and marketing of these mangoes.     […]