MEXICO: New dragonfruit variety causes a frenzy

“It looks like brains!” I said, peeling back the skin of my very first pitaya — a variety of dragonfruit grown in Mexico and Central America — in the small Jalisco town of Techaluta.   We were there to pick up the López family’s pitaya harvest and take it on the hour-and-a-half drive back to […]

MEXICO: Jackfruit Mexico switches to 100% dried product

Harvesting kicks off this week for Yucatán Peninsula-based Jackfruit Mexico in the company’s first season dedicated solely to dehydrated product, plugging into the booming trend for the fruit as a vegan alternative to meat. The campaign also fits nicely with the Tulum Veg Fest this weekend where the company will be exhibiting and hosting workshops […]

COSTA RICA: “We don’t see a solution to the Mexican avocado conflict this year”

Costa Rica’s Hass avocado lovers could receive good news regarding the return of this Mexican product.     Costa Rican consumers, who haven’t been able to enjoy this product since May 2015, might soon enjoy this product again, as the conflict between both countries could be solved in the near future.   The State Phytosanitary […]

MEXICO: Jalisco’s mango producers make improvements

Jalisco’s mango production chain has been making advances in the certification of its orchards and its packers, to improve the exportable supply. This is a response to the demands of the global market, said the general director of Agricultural and Horticultural Development of the Seder in Jalisco, Mario Ramos Velasco.   The state official said […]

MEXICO: Avocado volume to top last year’s

Avocado volume out of Mexico should reach nearly 2 billion pounds during the current season — July 1 to June 30 — an increase from last year, despite a slow start during the summer.     Volume could be 15% more than last year, said Rob Wedin, vice president of sales and marketing for Calavo […]